Academy – Morning Magic

Morning Magic

Things to consider when creating YOUR morning routine.

  • Decide what time you need to get up to create your best morning having enough time to do the things​ that are going to set up your very best day. 
  • Set a time and get up at your first alarm
  • DO NOT go on your phone until you have completed your full morning magic routine. Stay in your own space before you get sucked into other peoples BS on social media.
  • Hydrate with a large glass of water, maybe with a slice of lemon to help the cleansing effect of the water and to hydrate your body.
  • Breathe take 7 long deep breaths and just focus your attnetion on the breath and letting go.
  • Journal
  • Complete your daily focus sheet, prioritise your tasks, get effective and take action.
  • Move - Either workout or just move to release the body in a way which feels good to you and gets your energy flowing.

Reccomended Reading

CLICK HERE to get your free 30 day trial of Audible. I freeking love audible as you can consume awesomeness while doing your cardio or while driving in the car.

5 Second Rule - Mel Robins​ (I did listen to this one on audible) CLICK HERE

Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod - CLICK HERE​