Academy Tranining – Body 2.0

The Body 2.0

Weather your goals are weight loss or not I believe that our ‘health’ should always be of prime importance. When we fuel our body with what it needs, not only will you look better but you will ‘feel’ better. Health, energy and vibrancy that shines from the inside out.

It’s not an overnight process BUT this is your first step into getting to know your body better than ever before so that you can love it, feel good about it and fuel it with the nutrients it needs to really thrive.

So take your time, be gentle with yourself yet commit to the actions your body is crying out for.

The body training has been split into two parts. First off you are invited to start listening to the body and the messages it may have been trying to communicate with you. Watch the Video below:

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The Nutrition

The first part of your nutrition is to undergo a 7-day cleanse, this acts as re-set for the body. It is completely optional you do not HAVE to this process. Remember you are always in choice, so you get to decide what is right for you and your body.

This is designed to help you detoxify the body so that you can start to open up the elimination pathways and start to shift out those stubborn fat stores.

The cleanse is a little more restrictive for the first 3 days, and then on day 4 you move towards clean eating.

We will be looking at moving away from processed foods, as the more we move away from nature we find the more we move toward disease. Remember this plan is not just about weight loss but also about all round health and well-being.You CANNOT out train a bad diet, so getting this right is key to your success.

Now this is a journey and not a quick fix, nothing is going to happen over night. I want you to take responsibility for your own path, using the resources to create meals and foods that you enjoy and that you feel you can stick with in the long term. Remember there is no happy ending to an unhappy journey. This whole process is about opening up to the amazing thing that is life and being able to thrive in a healthy body and truly live life to the fullest.

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This Months Journal Prompts For Greater Self Discovery

  1. Describe your relationship to/with food?
  2. List your beliefs or associations about food in general? To the side of each belief or association, write down whether your beliefs or associations empower or dis-empower you.
  3. How do I eat? What are my patterns or behaviors with food?
  4. What secret behaviors do I have with food?
  5. What are the thoughts, feelings, or associations connected to my behavior when I’m eating?
  6. What am I telling myself internally, or what thought am I supporting by my behavior with food?
  7. What are the Top 5 Foods I sabotage with? What thought, memory, or feeling do I have that associates or connects it with that food?
  8. When do sabotaging feelings come up?
  9. What is the link, association or connection to that time-frame or event?
  10. What FEELING am I trying to “FILL UP” on or FEEL with the FOOD during that time or event?

Step 2: Questions to Connect to Childhood.

  1. What was said to you as a child about food, or your body, when you were eating?
  2. What did that say to you? What did you decide or what were some of the beliefs you took on as a result of what was said to you as a child?
  3. What other beliefs about food did you pick up as a child?
  4. How do you behave or act with food from that belief?
  5. What do you say to your children about food, verbally or by your actions?
  6. What patterns and behaviors am I teaching my children with food?
  7. What beliefs could I be teaching my children through my words, thoughts, and behaviors with food?

  • What actions right now will assist me to experience what I want?
  • What do I really want to be my experience right now?
  • Who do I now want to become?
  • Will the pattern or behavior I want, give me the results of being the person I want to be?
  • What Action do I take to get what I want now?

This Months Task Checklist

  • Complete questions around getting to know the body, lean in and listen, figure out what your body wants and needs
  • Start to work with the cleanse if that is the right option for you moving forwards to re-set the body and the metabolism
  • Check in and post in the group when you have completed these tasks to share your insights and get feedback.
  • Complete Weekly review's x 4 and your monthly review