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Tracy Pickard,  Farmer

Working with emma on the focused mind,fierce body formula has been awesome and litteraly life changing. I was worried at first as to how this programme could possibly work and worried I was going to be out of my depth and away with the fairies!! It was all very down to earth information which you really can put to use in your everyday life. I have become a much more confident ,less stressed,healthier and generally happier person."

What You Get in The Daily Fire 30 Day Program

This program uses the exact same tools that I teach my £199 Focused Mind, Fierce Body 90 day transformation program but compacted and broken down into 9 powerful modules on how to transform your daily habits to make badass breakthroughs with your body and in your life.

In this 30 day Dail Fire Program you will get:​

    • Crystal Clear Clarity - Get clear about your own personal mindset blocks and sabotaging behaviours. Where they stem from and why they keep on pooping up even though you really do want something different.
    • Kick Ass Confidence - Confidence comes from knowing yourself, who you are, why you have the behaviours you do.  How to start being a little bit nicer to yourself and start to actually enjoy the transformation process. Confidence comes from practicing self beliefe and not just about positive talk, but taking positive ACTION.
    • The How To's - Taking it step by step and giving you the exact resources and tools to implement your daily fire practices and create incredible breakthroughs. Your BREAKTHROUGHS come from the actions you take. This program is about helping you to take massive action with easy to use actionable tools delivered over the next 30 days.
      • Module 1 - Nourish Your Body - Finding the nutrition program that works for YOU
      • Module 2 - The Supplements that can help you get maximum results and work on supporting your body naturally
      • Module 3 - Move Your Body And Finding The Right Workouts for YOU
      • Module 4 - Create More Balance In Your Body, In Your Life, In Your Relationships And At Work
      • Module 5 - Get It Out Of Your Head And Start making Sense Of It All
      • Module 6 - Self Confidence Like With Any Muscle  Can Grow With Exercise And Practice This Module Will Show You How
      • Module 7 - Expansion Because If You Aren't Expanding You Are Staying Stuck
      • Module 8 - Dealing With Life And How To Stay On Track When Shit Shows Up
      • Module 9 - Bringing It All Together And Making It Happen

This is no quick fix, there are no magic pills but if you follow and practice all of the modules in the way I have set out I promise this information can seriously change your life.

I started practicing mindset work just over 2 years ago now and it has litereally turned my life upside down.

From being pregnant with my second child and on the verge of divorce, feeling constantly stressed out with the kids and never enough time for my businesses. I was stuck in constant cycles of not being able to get a handle on my sweetie cravings and feeling guilty about it and like I was a failure.

To now having learnt to love, accept and appreciate my body which has in turn lead to being happier and more confident than I have ever been. I am more productive in my work, happier in my relationships and hey I’m sat here looking out at a pretty stunning mountain view in the French Alps having sold my UK businesses and now living the life of my absolute dreams here in the mountains.

And over the next 30 days I am going to be teaching you the exact same habits that I have taken on to be able to transform my life the way it has.

So please come with an open mind and excitement in your heart, as  when you gain clarity and create some focus, absolutley anything is possible.

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Disclaimer*** This is not a magic pill, I do not believe in fairies and unicorns. I do not believe that success or life long results happens over night. But I do believe that when you have the right mindset and shift your belief systems you can experience incredible results.