Rise Up & Shine - 3 Day Challenge

A LOT has been going on of late and the current pandemic has shaken us to the core and changed the way we look at the world BUT If you want to live the life that you love, it’s time to stop clinging onto fear and find a way through.

I feel like now is the perfect time for us all to be realigning with what it means for us to be living a life on purpose, one that we fully relish in living, and this is exactly what the Rise Up & Shine Challenge is about.


We will be looking at


#1 - Redefine The Dream  - to connect with your inner knowing and get clear on what exactly it is that you want for your life. I will be sharing the new, updated and incredibly powerful visualisation to help you create more clarity on exactly what it is that you want for your life


#2 -Align With The Dream - A daily practice on how to hit MORE of your goals, more often. Here we get to use what came to light in your visualisation, and learn how to connect with that on a daily basis. To use it to empower you to wake up each and every day with a feeling of fire in your belly and alignment in your heart. How to feel energised, connected, focused and on form DAILY! PLUS the all new no fuss vision board practice (perfect for those of us that just can’t be arsed with getting all crafty). This is taking your dream life mapping from the planner and going next level on it.


#3 - Claiming The Dream - How to hold the vision strong even when fear and self doubt attempts to derail you. To write the dream into your reality and taking steps towards it daily from a place of fun and excitement


I LOVE running challenges like this. There is something so powerful about a team of high vibe women come into the same space and decide that NOW is the time for change.


Perfectly placed for you to step into your post pandemic ‘New Normal’ with focus, flow and an extra dash of kick ass.


Are you in??

Don’t worry I’ll send over full details in the days leading up to make sure you can show up and join in. It’s all held online, so you simply need internet access, an open mind and heart.

All I ask now, is that you help me share this mission to inspire more women to create big change.

I am so passionate about helping women get out of a rut and feeling like crap, to feeling inspired to truly show up and live a life they freaking love but I need your help. Use the social share buttons at the bottom of the page to help me share this message.

I will also be giving away an awesome prize during the challenge for those that share and show up to interact with me too.

One person will be winning a months VIP access to the Shine Squad with one to one support and coaching, worth £347. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this prize is:

  • Copy and share this link on all of your social channels. Be sure to tag the page @emmacolseynicholls so I can track the shares
  • Join in on the challenge and interact with the posts, but most of all take ACTION on the trainings and share with me your findings

I’m so excited to guide you through this but the more women we have there, the more powerful these tools stand to become. I literally cannot wait to see what changes you get inspired to create in your own life.

More info to come along soon, so enter your email, be sure to check your junk folder for the confirmation link and then I will be back in touch very soon

Love Always


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