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I have been using planners and journals for some time, yet I was constantly searching for the right one to fit all of my needs and daily practices. So as any entrepreneur would do when you can't find the perfect fit,  decided to create my own.

I have some barriers come up about how I was going to put this together, the costs associated and how to make it super effective but also user friendly and quick to complete.

Well I've been beavering away at this and had a fuck yessss ah ha moment.

Anyhooooooo it's here!!!

If you are a busy person, have BIG ambitious dreams and want to feel like you have your shit together in every area of your life. With your body, your relationships, your need for travel, adventure your social life and your career goals.

Then you are going to LOVE this!!

I have spent literally thousands of £££££ learning these tools from top mentors and coaches and then years of practicing and tweaking to create a formula that will help you become more productive, more balanced, more motivated and even more badass. Yes...... I know you are already pretty badass but we can allways grow and improve right!!

So 'The Focused Mind, Fierce Body- Get Your Shit Together Life Planner' is HERE!!

Look I know pretty planners are all beautiful and glittery to look at, but how many times have you bought one and it's been left there just, looking pretty??

This planner is about taking ACTION, the type of action that is going to get you the results that you want in life, and you get to design that on your terms with this use of this planner.

Not do you get the planner download, but I am also going to be delivering the training tools to go along with it, to walk you through the process that I use with my one to one coaching clients.

Buy your copy now and get ready to start taking massive action for improving your health, your headspace and your career to live the life of your dreams.

I'm freeking excited to share this with you guys.

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Emma Colsey-Nicholls

Serial entrepreneur, multiple business owner, wife, mother of two and a self confessed messy MOFO!! Planning and organising do NOT come naturally to me. I have spent most of my business life whinging it and going with the flow. While it kinda served me, I got to the point where I knew I could do better.

So, with practice and persistence of making planning ‘easier’ and wayyyy more effective, the feeling of having it all together is incredibly empowering and has changed my life!! And I want to help you change yours too. Because this shizzle is POWERFUL!!!