Pimp Up Your Planner

Pimp Up Your Planner

I’m always working to tweak, improve and make this work have even more of an impact on your life. A while back I asked for some feedback from the people that had been using the free planner download. You can still get access to that HERE


I got a great response, and the work from those responses is now available if you would like to pimp up your planner.The planner upgrade is available for just £14.99 and comes with a bonus training to help you continue to use the planner to become your ultimate self coaching tool. You have so much greatness already within you and this planner is designed to help you delve in and discover that for yourself.Inside you get:

Dream Life Reality Check

- Get the core elements of the dream life wheel. These are all the elements I use with my coaching clients that help them step into their own version of their best life. To dream big but to get real with where you are right here right now. To be able to clearly identify what areas in your life get to be upgraded next.

Body/Health Tracker

- A tool to track your health and body metrics across the year. Track your progress and get inspired to keep on reaching for better health and fitness.

Money Management

My finances have become a BIG focus for me the last few years. Moving to a new country and starting our lives from scratch meant our incomes dropped dramatically, like to literally zero. I had to work on my mindset around money and also work on increasing my income, reducing outgoings and taking back control of my money by being able to see clearly where I am at instead of attempting to bury my head in the sand and ignoring it. There has been a HUGE shift for me and I now feel excited to finally feel on top of this area. I have my goals in place and these tools allow me to clearly see my progress in moving towards my money goals. So I’m excited to share this with you as it’s really helped me come out of the other side and no longer feeling as stressed out by money.

Bill Tracker

- Track your bills to ensure that you don’t miss a payment and keep on top of any costly missed payment charges.

Income Manager

- Manage your monthly income and outgoings. Make sure you know that you are not living beyond your means and you are working to get out of debt and not create more.

Debt Tracker

- This one fires me up as I have set the goal of clearing my debts this year. I mean how awesome will it feel when you don’t have these hanging over your head??

Savings Tracker

- As with the debt tracker actually having money saved in the bank is a powerful shift for your mindset around money and your confidence. I have NEVER had any savings in my life and I can’t tell you how good this feels to see my savings increase month on month. Not having to feel the same stress and worry about unexpected bills coming in, knowing that you have got it covered.

Social Media Tracker

- This is one for you small business owners. If that’s you, then you know that the growth of your social media channels is important and this tool will help you see where your business pages are seeing the most growth.And these all come with the bonus training guiding you to use these tools and maximise the power and mindset shift of getting your sh*t together.