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Hey gorgeous, thanks for coming over and making the decision that NOW is the time to get your shit sorted!! To start organising your life a little better so you can experience more awesomeness with your body, your relationships and your career goals.

Follow the training video's below one step at a time, you will also get an email to remind you to come back every few days and complete the next step of the course. Get yourself a nice ring binder to put your print off sheets in and then let’s get ready to roll.

I want this to be the planner that will finally kick-start you into action. So not only are you getting the basic template that I use with my high end group coaching clients, but I’m also giving you the recorded training sessions to walk you through the process to making massive action.

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Remember this is no quick fix, but the magic comes when you just take ACTION!! So stop thinking and start DOING!!

# 1 Deciding The Dream

If you don't know what you want, how can you expect to get there. Creating a life and body that you love will comes from getting clarity around your direction, deciding what it is that you want more of in your life so you can then create the action steps to go and get it.

So take some time to just sit, take a breathe and start to imagine what your idea life would look like. Think across all four areas of your life. How will your body look and feel, what work will you be doing in your career, what will your day look like. How will you show up within your relationships? How will you show up with your self, what will you work on developing?

Try not to overwhink it, but tune into your heart and notice what shows up when you ask 'what do I want'?

**NEW** The dream life visualisation had previously only been for my paid coaching clients but I have decided to add it in on this free training. Use it to help you to get clarity for what your best life looks and 'feels' like. It's not a one off practice. Use this and then take inspired action to allow the magic to happen. 

# 2 Goal Setting

Ok so let's start to get some of those big ass dreams down on to paper and get creating a plan of ACTION!! We look at breaking down your goals into 30, 60 and 90 day blocks. Starting with the end goal in mind and reverse engineer it, working it backwards so you can start to identify the first baby action steps to your big ass goals.

#3 Plan Your Month

We are breaking down the goals one step at a time so that you get to create a clear plan of action. The monthly planner is broken down into 2 parts. Setting just 4 main goals for the month, and then taking the time to connect with your reasons why those goals are important to you. There is then a monthly overview so you can begin to map out your month and then finally a review page to complete at the end of each month so you can check in with yourself each month. This allows you the opportunity to re-evaluate where you are, what's going well, what needs some more work and also what is no longer a priority for you.

#4 Schedule Your Week, Focus Your Days

This is my number one strategy for getting more done. This section alone has been a HUGE game changer for me and if you take just one thing away from this process, then let it be this. Get clear on what you need to get done each week and each day to be effective in moving towards your goals. Get out of your head and just get it done.​

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this process and that you start to get as much benefit from it as I have. If you choose to continue on this amazing path and are ready to immerse yourself in even more amazing and powerful mindset tools come and join us in the monthly membership program:

The Get It Girl - Shine Squad - CLICK HERE to find out more.

But always remember that the real magic comes from the actions that you take!!

Emma xx

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