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So you have heard about journaling and all of the amazing benefits of using this practice but you just can’t see how it relates to you and life in the real world.

You don’t have the time or patience for a dreary dear diary, yet you know that you know that you are just not being as effective in life as you know you could be.

Would you like to:

  • Finish each day feeling satisfied and accomplished that you have clear direction in your life and are making steps forward towards your best life, instead of feeling stressed and frustrated that you still have so much to do yet haven’t seemed to tick a single thing off your never ending to do list?
  • To become more effective with your workouts, your eating habits, your mindset, your time management instead of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where the hell to start.
  • Find your own rhythm and flow, find a space where you feel more energised, motivated and results in your being more effective day by day.
  • Learn how to set up and create an incredibly flexible yet powerful tool that will become the number one thing that you can use to improve yourself and your life.

I have been journaling for around 3 years now and I can honestly say it has had such a positive impact on my productivity, my stress levels, my motivation, organisation and the real ability to feel more in control of my life, dealing with situations (and people) and really using journaling to feel on freeking fire.

I wasn’t too sure about it either when I first started, and wondered how it could possibly change things, but I gave it a go, and I am so glad I did!!

This is now a staple part of my rituals and habits that allows me to continue to keep growing and moving forward in my life.

It’s safe to say I am a pretty big fan of journaling.

In this workshop I will:

  • Go deeper into why journaling works and debunking the science to transfer into real and usable tools that some of the worlds top performers in every industry use.
  • Show you how to set it up, but also create a format that works for you and your specific personality type and time constraints. Because lets face it, if it’s too complicated I know you are not going to do it.
  • Discover the most transformative questions to change your viewpoint and your mindset around all that will help you turnaround any situation into a positive one that you will learn from.
  • Give you the opportunity to get real time feedback on your experiences, your struggles and have live coaching.
  • Give you new concepts that will allow you to coach yourself through any situation.

I’m excited to share this with you because I truly believe it can change your life.

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“Day 3 of practising journaling following on from Emma’s fab online workshop. I love the structure it gave me and also to stop worrying about ‘doing it right’. I’m trialling this format as there’s nothing wrong if I choose to add or take bits out. I’m starting with what feels good, easy and that I can make consistent. I’ve been put off in the past, but the workshop really helped me to see this is fine just get started. I can feel the benefits already. Thank you Emma”

Sue Boardman,

Sue Boardman Personal Training - UK

“Thank you for an outstanding workshop today Emma! It was so helpful! Just what I needed to have more focus & direction. Powerful stuff!”

Shannon Galladay,

Pure Results Fitness - California


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