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Emma Colsey-Nicholls

As woman who has been unhappy with my appearance all of my adult life, this affected my confidence, my self worth, my sex life, it even had my marriage on the verge of divorce.

On the surface a fitness instructor with the face of confidence, while underneath thoughts and feelings of never being good enough and the constant struggle to live in a body that I could be happy with. Diet after diet, trying the next fitness fad to the next crazy diet hoping that one of them would become the answer to all of my weight loss problems and be FINALLY able to get rid of my disgusting Mummy tummy. While the diets all worked in the short term, the belly fat would always come back as did my sweet tooth leading me right back to where I started. Feeling like a failure and even questioning my own ability to do my job, failing as a mum, a wife and a business owner constantly feeling pissed off and frustrated.

And it's only when I started to learn these tools did things start to shift for me. I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt to be able to create a happy healthy body and an amazing life that I love. Beacuse when you apply this, everything else becomes easy.