Morzine Fitcamp

Fitcamp is  a holistic approach to improving your health, strength and energy levels. Through fun and effective full body workouts that take place in a group format and the added benefit of a step by step balanced nutrition advice that you can adapt to suit you and your lifestyle.

We focus on a mindful approach to improving eating habits for long term sustainable results. Although weightloss is often an added Bonus to the proven plan, our focus is on helping you ‘feel’ good from the outside in.​

Nothing makes me happier than when the results come in.

And not just the weight loss but breaking through sticking points with their body, fitness and mindset.

Sinead shed 8lb this month and finally worked on her waist which in her words was 'pissing her off'.

Here is what Sinead said about Fitcamp

"Fitcamp is just the right mix of exercise, mindset and community to challenge me and make me accountable. I love it! The guidance and support is second to none - I'd recommend it to anyone."

Another member shed 8lb and 20 cm and another destroying 12lb.

Currently running as Pay As You Go Sessions Over The Summer

The sessions include interval training that are accessible for all levels and different ranges for different abilities are available, meaning that no one gets left behind. All exercises can be modified to level up and down so that we tailor it to suit your level allowing you to progress at a pace that works for you.​

With this being said I believe in flexible and functional movement to help you move the way your body was designed to move. As well as having some fun along the way

Mondays & Fridays at ECN HQ in St Jean D'Aulps (nr Le Abbaye)
Wednesday Outdoor session at the Dereche 
Book Your place HERE for indoor session and HERE for Dereche session

Sessions are €12.50 per session OR you can buy a block of 10 sessions for €100

Next full program starts w/c 2nd September 2019

Bookings now being taken

Contact me on 0033 (0) 781416047 or email for full details or to make block booking payments

The healthy meal ideas have been great for me, and a reminder about mindful eating. I used to be a cereal 'dieter' but it's been good learning how to do it all properly and healthily. I have just weighed myself and I am the lightest I have been in quite some time, so I just wanted to say thanks so much for being such a great coach, and making it a healthy and fit programme xxxx

Charlotte Clay
Charlotte Clay Childcare

While I love group training I also know that some people require more one to one help and support, so I do have very limited availability to take on one more Personal Training client. If you want to start training with me, please email me at so we can discuss your needs further and see if my training will be a good fit for you.

Hey thanks for checking out the page. My name is Emma and I have been helping women lose weight and find enjoyment in exercise for the last 15 years, literally my whole life since graduating with a degree in sports science way back when.

Since then I have taught every fitness class going (including pole fitness which I am missing right now) and I have run my own fitness studio (ECN- Bodyworks) and weight loss program (Metabolic Makeover) both of which I sold when moving over France.​

I now run an online health and lifestyle coaching program with a focus on mindfulness and helping women to love the body they are in, moving away from diet and restriction and empowering you to make healthier choices with more ease, and I am fusing these approaches to bring you my Fitcamp right here in the mountains​. 

Registered d'educateur Sportif - Cart Professionelle​

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