Finish Strong

Still Got Some Goals That You Would Freeking LOVE To Get Boxed Off Before The Year Is Out?​​​​​

What do you want to start saying YES to more of in your life?

What could you achieve by the end of 2019 if you decided to say YES to your goals and dreams because you know they are worth going after? What if you had  had all of the tools, strategies, knowledge and support you need to MASSIVELY shift your mindset and get shizzle DONE?

You could achieve a lot, right?

I am here and so darn fired up and ready to help make that happen for you, you will literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and I can’t wait to get you started.

The Finish Strong challenge is back and better than ever before.

Come and join me and a group of awesome high vibe like minded women and see what could happen for you if you dropped the excuses and the  negative self talk, and instead started to believe in yourself like never before and went all in on Finishing the year on a high.

I want to challenge you to create more results, more success and show you what you need to do, the steps you need to take to get into massive action and step into the life you say you want to live.

This challenge is for my Shine Squad members, so to take part you have to be part of the Shine Squad group which costs just £57 per month.

Once you sign up you will have exclusive access to everything inside the Get It Girl Shine Squad package.

A library of 12 powerful masterclasses on shifting your mindset for more success

The Ultimate Finish Strong tool kit, this is a step by step guide to walk you through the steps to transform your results before the year is out. Just imagine having so many items knocked off your goals list, you start 2020 with soaring confidence and feeling ahead of the freaking game. It’s a step by step of what you need to do to create BIG change before the year is out.

-This includes 2 x weekly mini trainings including a powerful setting goals with soul workshop

- Weekly Q&A, live coaching session

-Tracking tools to monitor your progress and keep you accountable

- The most amazing community of super supportive women who will absolutely have your back.

- PLUS in December we will be offering you the chance to win some AMAZING prizes (see below)

 So here is the deal: come and immerse yourself in all of these brand new trainings and tools and see what you can make happen before the year is out, not to mention what will then be possible for you in 2020.

I have LOVED watching the women in the group achieve incredible things this year, and I would love to help you too.

You have literally nothing to lose as part of this challenge you will be working to gain your money back and more with an amazing decluttering and clearing out challenge.

Nothing to lose, and so much to gain when you join this challenge.

Just think about where you could be at the end of this year if you just decided to get serious about your own self development

Click green tab below to get started now for £57

 You can access the Finish Strong challenge through to the beginning of December. Upon sign up you will set up a monthly subscription that will be charged at £57 each month. There is no tie in and can be cancelled at any time with 14 days written notice.

But Wait……. There Is More!!

How would you like to be in with the chance of not only nailing your goal before the year is out, but in doing so to also be in with the chance of winning a FREE place on next years Revive In The Mountains retreat here with me in the French Alps??

1st Prize – A place on retreat worth £497

2nd Prize – A 3 month subscription to the Shine Squad worth 3 x £57 = £171

3rd Price – One month access to the Shine Squad in January worth £57

Yup, I know, exciting right!!!

Nailing a result that has been eluding you AND be in with the chance of winning something pretty awesome.

As it’s a challenge there will be a number of ways that you can earn points during the challenge and the participant with the most points at the end of the challenge will win a place on retreat.

Rebalanced Retreat is 24th-28th June 2020 CLICK HERE for full details of the retreat.

All you will need to pay for is your own flights and transfers. The cost of the retreat and your prize is worth £497.

Are ya excited yet!!!

I know I am. I am excited to see you guys really thriving and going all in with your energy and really creating something amazing over the next 60 or so days until the end of the year.

And the best thing of all that the Finish Strong Challenge is ONLY £57 per month

The challenge starts NOW and we run up to just before Christmas and I will be announcing the winner on Christmas Day. What a prezzie that would be right??

So are you in or what?? If you have been sitting on the fence before, then NOW is the time to take the action. Click on the buotton below to secure your place and I will see you on the other side. 

Click the green tab to secure your place and get started now.