Cook Book Bundle

Fat Loss Cook Book Bundle 

When it comes to weight loss it’s so easy to over complicate it, with marco tracking, calorie counting, checking off points it can all seem like a fuss and for me all too often to much like hard work. That’s why I have always love the use of these fat loss cook books. No counting, no tracking, just follow the super easy recipes and lose weight.

What’s not to love??

In this Bundle you get

The 7 Day Cleanse

My Cleanse protocol to kick start your metabolism and turn your body into fat burning mode.

Worth £17.00​

30 Days Of Fat Loss

Cookbook with 30 Fat Loss Breakfasts, 30 Lunches and 30 Dinners

Worth £12.00

30 Days Of Fat Loss Veggie Edition

30 Veggie Options For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Worth £12.00

Clean Curry Cook Book

Worth £7.00

Snacks & Treats

Because a girl loves chocolate and cake you can enjoy these snacks and treats without going completely off track.

Worth £7.00

Total Value £55

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