The ‘Shine Squad’ Is A Powerful Monthly Membership To Create Personal Transformation For Women Who Are Ready To Level Up Their Lives.

I’m so happy you have found this page because this is the space where the journey of personal development begins. I believe you have found this page for a reason. Because the perfect time for your transformation is right now!

Hey there gorgeous….yeah you!!  I see you!

Do You Ever Feel Like:

You’ve had enough of carrying the weight of your never ending to-do lists

Fed up of progressing one step forward then ten steps back

Sick and tired of feeling so freaking tired ​all the time​​

Frustrated because you feel like you're not living to your full potential, like there is a distinct gap between where you are and where you want to be

You want to make so many changes but get blocked by overwhelm and procrastination because you just don’t know where to start

You want more but struggle to believe in yourself

You read all the inspirational instagram posts, watch the free video’s, download the workbooks, done the free challenges but it’s just not making an impact, you still can't seem to hit your goals.

You are left doubting yourself and wondering…..

 Maybe I just don’t have what it takes.

Maybe maybe I’m meant for average

Yeah I see you alright, because I have been there too!!

Crippled by self doubt, the fears of never feeling enough, worried about the judgement of others, feeling like I just don’t measure up. Let’s keep it real here, I still have the moments when these thoughts rise up. The difference is I no longer have to hold onto them, in fact I now use them to propel me forward.

There is another way!

I know that life can be tough at times, believe me, I have felt it too. Yet, you are here because you have felt that niggle within you, you can feel that spark deep in there, and its dying to come out! You know you are ready to step up as the badass you have always felt that is there within you, but just haven't found the courage to let her rise up.

Self Development is challenging, because not everyone gets it. Some people are ok with just getting by and having an average life. Maybe that makes you wonder why you can’t just be satisfied with what you have got. But the truth is that you are not satisfied, because you know you were made for more, you are here to live a life with more than you are experiencing right now.

It IS possible for you to feel more happiness, better health and more freedom in your life.

Now is your time to shine!

​Hey There,

I'm Emma

I'm a serial entrepreneur, health, mindset and lifestyle coach. Content creator, author, wife and mum of two very active young boys.

I'm on a mission to help women who are working so damn hard to keep all of their balls up in the air, to overcome stress and overwhelm. Get it together and create a life of better health, balance, freedom and fun.

I'm sick of seeing women letting life pass them by and feeling crappy about themselves in the process.

I know after years of coaching 100's of women from across the world, I know for a fact that when you have the support and accountability of a community, your ability to hit your goals increases...along with your confidence and overall happiness.

Imagine If You:

  • Discovered the feeling of a healthy, strong and happy body
  • Finally  started feeling confident in your skin and at peace with who you are
  • Got to know like and trust in yourself
  • Felt connected, empowered and knew your worth
  • Experienced deep love and connected with the people around you where you can totally be all of who you are without the constant fear of judgement
  • Gained passion and drive in a career that lights you up
  • Felt inspired by your big vision and aligned with the journey towards it
  • Could feel joy and gratitude on every step of the journey
  • Felt motivated to show up for life
  • Experienced more emotional freedom and happiness
  • Woke up feeling pure gratitude for having a life that you love deeply

This is why I created the Shine Squad. I was sick of the struggle I was experiencing, I was sick of seeing beautiful amazing women dampened by the self doubt and missing out on life. I know all of this is possible for you too.

I took all that I had come to learn on my own transformation and paying tens of thousands of pounds on high level coaching. Took all of my personal experiences and packed it into an incredible supportive membership experience. All available to you for just £57 per month which is less than the cost of a meal out.

A monthly self development membership for action takers, for women who want to love the life they are living in every area of their lives.

A place where you can learn the top tools, strategies and resources for managing your mindset, increasing motivation and actually doing the things you said you were going to do. 

Health, Relationships, Self Development, Career

​​​​​Powerful Monthly Coaching Membership To Improve Them All

Inside the Shine Squad and what you will access in each monthly Shine Suite module

let's break it all down
Here is exactly what you get each month
  • ​Monthly coaching class. A full training to guide you through the topic for that month. Content that will help you create powerful shifts in your life.
  • Workbooks showing you the exact steps to help you dig deeper into the content.
  • Transformative meditations, visualisation exercises and journal prompts to allow you to tap into the energy of the monthly topic.
  • ​Weekly Live Q&A's and feedback sessions with hot seat coaching sessions
  • ​Monthly challenge for accountability and to support you in applying the habits that connect with the course content and to keep you growing and pushing those goals.
  • Access to our private Shine Squad community group where you can share your journey, ask questions, speak your truth and get real time support when you need it the most
  • Now also includes access to the Online Better Body Bootcamp with live online fitness sessions with me and step by step nutritional support, worth £47 per month on it's own.

Get all of this high level coaching for a super affordable price

Just £57 per month

The Shine Squad is currently undergoing to massive up level's it's self. Join TODAY and grab this low price before it rises. You stick at the same price that you join for as long as you are a member.

The Shine Squad Is Waiting For You Now

Here’s what people are saying about the course

The Shine Squad is for any hard working woman who has ever felt the struggle, the fear, the self doubt. Feeling like you lack the ability to trust yourself and truly go for it. For the woman who knows deep in her soul she is ready for achieving so much more.

Sue Boardman

Mind Body Coach

The Shine Squad is always exactly what I need. A safe space to say how I really feel, a fresh perspective from someone who really gets it. I always come away feeling relived, clear headed, excited for what is possible and ready to take action. I can’t recommend it enough


Social Worker

The Shine Squad has changed my life, I have a better relationship with myself than ever before. I continue to work on my goals and being my best self.  Me and anxiety still have a relationship but it’s now a healthier one. I face anxiety more than hide or avoid it.

Shannon Golladay

Health Coach

Emma is an outstanding mentor! She leads by example. I love how real she is. I felt comfortable talking to her from the first time I talked to her. She's helped me get out of a rough place I was in. I've become a better version of myself because of her. I've worked with a lot of mentors over the past 6 1/2 years, and she's the first one I've gone back to again for a second round. She's outstanding! Thank you for all you do!

Examples of the seriously transformative topics included in your Shine Squad membership. You get access to our full library and archives for as long as you are a member. New topics and guest experts are added each month

Setting Goals From Soul

How To Journal For Self Growth

Dealing With Anxiety

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Motivation & Finding Your Fire


Time & Energy Management

Getting & Maintaining Focus

Fitness &


Design your Life For Success

Overcoming Challenges

Managing Emotions

A Look Inside The Shine Squad

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Zero Risk

There is absolutely no tie in and nothing to lose. If you don't love being a member of the Shine Squad you are free to cancel your membership at any time

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Michelle Stevenson

Executive Director

Working with Emma as my coach has been a breath of fresh air and I rate her very highly. She creates challenges with a real life perspective that is refreshing, and down to earth. The nutrition and exercise guidance has been first class and the way in which the information was structured helped to prevent overwhelm.

I’ve had experience of a number of executive coaches and this programme has been the most personally rewarding so far. I would recommend it to anyone

Aisha Curtis


“Just with very slight changes in mindset, and even some days / weeks feeling like I’ve made some less good food choices, I’ve SMASHED my 90 day goal of losing 3kg, and lost 4kg 9 in the first month”

Leanne Holmes

Social Worker

For such a long time I have suffered with my confidence and as a result of this, it has held me back in life.  I can now say I’m doing amazing. There is still so much more that I want to achieve in life and I know that Emma and the Sine Squad’s continued support I can achieve ANYTHING!!! There is no better coach than Emma, she goes above and beyond to help all of her clients and genuinely wants the best for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who Is The Shine Squad For?

A - The Shine Squad is for women who are frustrated with the lack of the results they have been experiencing in life. Who are sick and tired of being stuck in the same old cycle and who are finally ready for change and are open to get the support they need

Q - When Can I Start?

A - The Shine Squad has an open enrolment, meaning that you can start at any time. We guide you though the starting point of the membership one step at a time.

Q - When Can I Access The Content?

A - As soon as you sign up you will gain immediate access to the members site and the support group meaning you can get started right now. I'll email you the details once you join.

Q - How is the course delivered and do I need to have technical knowledge to access it?

A - As this is an online course you will need basic knowledge of how to use a computer to access our online membership site. Also access to a Facebook account to gain the support of our private Facebook community.

Q - What's The Return/ Cancellation Policy?

A - Upon sign up you commit to your first 30 days within the Shine Squad, no refunds shall be given after sign up. If you decide not to continue there is no tie in and you can cancel by contacting us with at least 7 days notice

Q - Is It Possible To Get 121 Support From Emma?

A - The Shine Squad is a group coaching program so any personal support will provided though asking questions in the group and also through the live hotseat group coaching calls. For one to one coaching support on private calls, please sign up to the VIP option

Emma Colsey-Nicholls

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