Get Ready To Say 'NO More' To Stress & Overwhelm  And Say YES To Reaching Your Goals
Create A Life You Freaking LOVE Living
Get It Girl 'Shine Squad’ is an exclusive membership incubator to deepen your journey into self and personal development and the power of your true potential.
The Shine Squad ethos is women learning, expanding and growing together. Designed to empower women just like you, to step out of the shadows of insecurity and arm you with the tools of self development, self belief and enoughness. 

Get ready to set your soul aligned goals and make those dreams of yours a reality. It's your time to elevate and shine as the badass you always dreamed you could be.

Improving how you show up in all areas of your life

  • Health: Heal your relationship with food and nurture a happy healthy body
  • Self: Shift your mindset to increase motivation, self belief and resilieance and become unstoppable
  • Relationships: Create amazing relationships with the people that you love
  • Career: Reconnection with purpose, passion and excitement for your path in life
Health, Relationships, Self Development, Career
Powerful Monthly Coaching Membership To Improve Them All
Inside the Shine Squad and what you will access in each monthly Shine Suite module
Interactive coaching sessions to open you up to new mindset concepts, teachings and tools from Emma and a selection of amazing guest experts
Get additional resources to support you in implementing the teachings from each class.
Workbooks, meditations and additional areas of learning
Monthly challenge to offer you new habits to apply. To push your goals, keep you growing and up your accountability.
We believe community matters and there is great power from knowing there are a group of amazing women all coming together who will always have your back.

The Shine Squad is for any hard working woman who has ever felt the struggle, the fear, the self doubt. Feeling like you lack the ability to trust yourself and truly go for it. For the woman who has ever felt alone and like no one gets her.

I see you!!! Sure from the outside looking in, people may think you have it all figured out. I get it, life is busy and you feel like you are on the go ALL of the time. You may look like you have it all together, but on the inside you feel the conflict. You have big dreams but you just haven't made the progress that you are working so hard for.

You feel conflict with your confidence, your self belief, your motivation you ability to stay consistent. You have the niggling feeling of wanting something more for your life, but you just get so overwhelmed with it all.

If you have ever felt the pull to make some changes in your life, but hadn't been sure where to start. Then this is for you!
This Is Your Year To Take Back Control And Master Living Your Best Life
THIS INCREDIBLE TOOL WILL seriously change your life, no bs!
Time to stop leaving your growth and development to chance. It's time to get intentional creating positive life changes for yourself. The Shine Squad is a monthly membership with high level cutting edge trainings, including full implementation guides, supportive resources, tools and monthly challenges to keep you focused and feeling on fire. 

Here's how it works...
A program that helps you to grow in every area of your life, all year long at a super affordable price. Our members say it's like having a gym membership for your brain
Monthly subscription, can be cancelled at any time with 7 days notice
I started coaching with Emma because I needed to do something differently….. I wasn’t happy in my body, I wasn’t happy with myself, I was constantly creating my own barriers in all areas of my life and was seeing it as the glass half empty, which made life feel like hard work! I lived for my holidays and that was about it. I masked my anxiety and never fully faced it. I’d rather avoid the things that made me really anxious.

Fast forward 12 months, me and anxiety still have a relationship but it’s now a healthier one. I face anxiety more than hide or avoid it. 

The Shine Squad has changed my life, I have a better relationship with myself than ever before. I continue to work on my goals and being my best self.!
Charly - UK
 Emma is an outstanding mentor! 
She leads by example. I love how real she is. I felt comfortable talking to her from the first time I talked to her. She's helped me get out of a rough place I was in. I've become a better version of myself because of her. I've worked with a lot of mentors over the past 6 1/2 years, and she's the first one I've gone back to again for a second round. She's outstanding! Thank you for all you do Emma!
Shannon G - Online Coach USA
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what's inside
  • ​Monthly coaching class. A full training to guide you through the topic for that month. Content that will help you create powerful shifts in your life.
  • ​Workbooks showing you the exact steps to help you dig deeper into the concept being taught
  • ​Transformative meditations, visualisations and journal prompts to allow you to tap into the energy of the monthly topic.
  • ​Weekly Live Q&A's and feedback sessions with hot seat coaching sessions
  • ​Monthly challenge for accountability and to support you in applying the habits that connect with the course content and to keep you growing and pushing those goals.
  • ​Access to our private Shine Squad Facebook group where you can share your journey, ask questions, speak your truth and get real time support when you need it the most
All For Just £57 Per Month
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)

Examples of the seriously transformative topics. You get access to our full back library for as long as you are a member and new topics and guest experts are added each month

Setting Goals From Soul


Time & Energy Management

Design Your Life For Success

How To Journal For Self Growth

Motivation & Finding Your Fire

Staying Focused

Overcoming Challenges

How To Journal For Self Growth



Fitness & Nutrition

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