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Hey My Name Is Emma

A life transformation coach for introverts. On a mission to empower women just like you to step out of the shadows of insecurity and arm you with the tools of self development, self belief and enoughness, to elevate you to shine as the badass you have always dreamt you could be. 

Get Your Sh*t Together Life Planner

I am excited to share with you this FREE printable planner template that you can download now and start using right away. If you are a busy person, have BIG ambitious dreams and want to feel like you have your shizzle together.

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The 'Get It Girl' community is a sisterhood, a collection of amazing women, founded with the purpose of female empowerment and development. A portal of self development and and a space where women can come together to rise up, to feel heard to feel supported as they reconnect with their divine feminine power.

The Get It Girl Shine Squad

The Get It Girl Shine Squad

The ‘Shine Squad’ is an exclusive membership incubator, to deepen the journey into the magic of your true potential. Members access a network of support, live coaching sessions, high level trainings that are available at a price that is affordable to us normal hard working women across the world.


I started coaching with Emma because I needed to do something differently….. I wasn’t happy in my body, I wasn’t happy with myself, I was constantly creating my own barriers in all areas of my life and was seeing it as the glass half empty, which made life feel like hard work! I lived for my holidays and that was about it. I masked my anxiety and never fully faced it. I’d rather avoid the things that made me really anxious.

Fast forward 12 months, me and anxiety still have a relationship but it’s now a healthier one. I face anxiety more than hide or avoid it.

The Shine Squad has changed my life, I have a better relationship with myself than ever before. I continue to work on my goals and being my best self.

Charley UK

The Shine Squad is always exactly what I need. A safe space to say how I really feel, a fresh perspective from someone who really gets it. I always come away feeling relived, clear headed, excited for what is possible and ready to take action. I can’t recommend it enough

Sue Boardman - Mind & Body Coach UK


The emphasis of our retreats is always about creating life-changing experiences and having an absolute ball in the process. Through the activities, the coaching sessions or spending time with amazing people in amazing spaces making memories that last a lifetime

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