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Nov 19

2020 Is NOT Cancelled!!

By Emma Colsey | Mindset , Uncategorized

What If 2020 Isn’t Cancelled!! We are now heading towards the final part of 2020 and while many of you may well be thinking ‘well thank f*ck for that’ I know a lot of people will be incredibly happy to see the back of it.  Yet I’m urging you………don’t completely write it off just yet! […]

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Jul 14

Why Your Willpower Sucks

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Improving Your Will Power Ahhhh, willpower that wondrous superpower that some people seem to be born with, while us mere mortals struggle with every decision we make, constantly resisting the urge of that instantaneous dopamine hit (dopamine being your feel good hormone) v’s the long term satisfaction of reaching that big ass goal that you […]

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