Nov 19

2020 Is NOT Cancelled!!

By Emma Colsey | Mindset , Uncategorized

What If 2020 Isn’t Cancelled!! We are now heading towards the final part of 2020 and while many of you may well be thinking ‘well thank f*ck for that’ I know a lot of people will be incredibly happy to see the back of it.  Yet I’m urging you………don’t completely write it off just yet! […]

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Oct 31

Self-Love Got Me Fat!

By Emma Colsey | Body

Self Love Got Me Fat! Ok so that title was a little click baity #sorrynotsorry, it got you to open up, right?? But I Have To Be Honest with you, I’ve Gained Some Weight!! Since moving out to France four years ago the weight has gradually crept on, and I’m a good stone and a […]

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