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Nov 01

The Best Is Yet To Come

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Set yourself free from the limitations you have been placing on yourself. It’s so easy to tell yourself that the life of your dreams is just that, a dream. Second guessing yourself, not truly believing that it’s possible, that you are good enough. More IS available to you, but only when you choose it. There […]

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Oct 28

And So She Decided

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

There are 65 days left in 2019.  That’s time you are only gonna get the chance to live once. So what are you going to choose to do with those days? Just a little over 2 months until the end of 2019, will you make it count?? Or will you do what most other people […]

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Oct 22

The Shift Is In The Sh*T

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

The Shift Is In The Shizzle This is a concept I heard a long time ago from a past coach of mine. I get to remember this fact any time I am faced with the BS we all know that real life throws at us. Last week was another of those times for me. You […]

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