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I’m a life transformation coach for introverts. For women who are just like me, who have struggled with lack of self belief, self confidence and have just never felt like they are good enough.

Just a normal girl from the North West in the UK who believes that every woman is worthy and capable of going after a life that they freeking love living. To step up and open their minds and their hearts to the possibility of life with more success, more fun and more awesome.

I am on a mission to empower women to step out of the shadows of insecurity and arm them with the tools of self development, self belief and enoughness to elevate them to shine as the badass they always dreamed they could be.

Creator of Get It Girl - a sisterhood, a community, founded with the purpose of female empowerment and development. A portal of self development and and a space where women can come together to rise up, to feel heard to feel supported as they reconnect with their divine feminine power . 

The VIP ‘Shine Squad’ is an exclusive membership incubator to deepen their journey into the magic of your true potential. Members access a network of support, live coaching sessions, high level trainings that are available at a price that is affordable to us normal hard working women with big dreams.

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Why I Am The Best Person To Help You

In the last 5 years through the use of powerful mindset tools, I have been able to:

  • Reignite my relationship with my husband, going from being on the verge of divorce to getting back on track and creating an even more amazing relationship
  • Sell my home and my businesses, move to France and be living the life of my dreams in the mountains
  • Get less stressed with the kids and be able to enjoy and play with them more
  • Get more productive in my business and take some epic leaps forward and over the last year had my most profitable month in business EVER after starting again from scratch!
  • FINALLY get a handle on my sweet tooth and binge eating without feeling deprived or like I'm missing out or having to obsess over counting calories
  • Having more love and appreciation for my body and finally having the balls to wear a bikini again, mummy tummy and all
  • To stay calm and focussed even when shit does hit the fan (beacause I don't BS you, life will still show up to challenge you
  • Feeling more confident, successful and happier than ever before

  • I can show you how to take control of your mindset and empower you to go after the life of your dreams too

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