Who am I, What is My Story?


Hi my name is Emma, thanks for being here, it means a lot. Here is my little intro and share more about my story in the hope it will inspire you to keep on pushing yourself along your own incredible journey of growth and self development.

I am a health and lifestyle coach, mum of two very energetic boys and married to my soulmate Gavin who I have been with since I was 17 years old. It ain’t no fairytale, we have been through our rough patches and almost divorced phases, but I truly believe soul mates and marriages are worth working on, as much as we all need to keep on working on ourselves. We are now working on our big ass goals and creating the life of our dreams in the French Alps.

When I think about how long I have been doing fitness, it has literally been my entire life.Yes at school I was the sporty kid, particularly loving gymnastics up until the age of when I discovered drinking and going out at the weekend instead, which was probably much younger than my parents would have liked.

Throughout school I always considered myself pretty average, never really stood out at anything, not the prettiest, not the cleverest, not the most popular, not the fastest or best at sport, just pretty mediocre. Naturally quite shy and happy to sit at the back while others take centre stage. I had a good childhood and good memories of school, though always the same reoccurring theme of not really being good enough or being anything special.

I went on to Uni to study sports science as I had no real idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was the first person in my family to go to university though then, I don’t really remember it feeling like a big deal.

After leaving uni and still not really having any idea what to do with my life, I just knew I always had a passion for health and fitness and so I got a job working at a health spa. I began teaching classes and devising basic gym programs in the Spa and then after doing a few group sessions went on to complete my exercise to music qualification. A fully fledged aerobics instructor with no freeking clue, feeling incredibly nervous, shy and awkward as fuck.

Despite having to really push against my natural introvert instincts, I freeking loved it more and more. I loved the energy, the vibe, the music of teaching fitness in a group setting, seeing people light up in sessions, seeing the feelings of satisfaction on someone’s face, the knowledge they had just completed a killer workout.  I was inspired to learn more, I wanted to get better, I wanted to be able to help more people.

I started to dream about the vision that one day I would own my own studio, I would speak about it to everyone that would ask me about my work.

I trained and taught every fitness class going, from Spinning, to Bodypump, Combat, Boxfit, Aqua aerobics, Step, Aerobics, Hula Hoop, Fitness Yoga, Fitness Pilates, Kettlebells, you name it and I have probably done it. I eventually found a love for Pole fitness as it took me back to my gymnastics days and that was when I began to create a real business as I hired space to run my own sessions from a dance studio in my home town of Blackpool.

After a fall out over some planned maternity leave, I left and started working on my own fitness studio whilst being 8 months pregnant with my first child.

At a time when I could have quite easily just taken a break and started again after my baby, BUT I took the opposite route (the incredibly hard route) at a time when small independent gyms weren’t really even a thing yet. In 2009 (i think), I opened ECN-Bodyworks Pole and Fitness studio. I had done it, I had realised my dream much earlier (at the age of 27) than I had imagined it would happen. I couldn’t help but start thinking right, what’s next??

I also created Metabolic Makeover which was my specific 4-week weight loss program and helped literally 100’s of people lose weight and get back to feeling in control of their bodies. Realising the power of nutrition to create real changes in not just their bodies but their entire outlook on life was a big turning point. It was the realisation that helping people making changes to their health really snowballed into them making changes in other areas of their lives too.

I love helping people achieve transformation but I also noticed that with so many people it just didn’t last, it was still too hard for many to stick to for the long term. In 2015 I started delving into the world of mindset.

I have been in fitness my entire working life, yet I struggled with my own body image and willpower. I literally could not say no to sweets, and I felt like a fraud most of the time. While I was ‘fit’ I was never really in amazing shape. After two children and the almost breakdown of my marriage, I delved deeper into personal growth and what I have learnt has changed my life. As I stepped into a whole new world of really pushing my own boundaries and all the limitations and fears of my past experiences showed up to challenge me.

It was time to do some serious work on myself.

Fast forward to now, feeling more confident, more in control and happier than ever before.

It hasn’t been easy, there have been some monumental screw up’s. I am far from perfect, but the point is I’m completely ok with that, in fact, I have come to realise it’s part of my magic. Yes spot the spelling mistake somewhere, because know that I can’t spell for shit. But that doesn’t stop me from being able to help you become your most awesome version of yourself!!

I never gave up on dreaming big, I became so determined to learn from all of my mistakes and use it to empower me on to even bigger and better things.

I am beyond grateful to have the ability to share my love of all things health and wellness. Teaching and sharing mindset tools and practices to people through my live sessions, retreats and online coaching and living the life of my absolute dreams. There is still some way to go BUT I use that to help me constantly learn, grown and continue to level up my own life.

I believe living your best life is more than just what your body looks like. It’s how it ‘feels’, how you are able to move, what you think about when you look in the mirror, it’s how you react to the rest of life, having a career you are passionate about, having relationships that really mean something where you feel loved and connected, being able to wake up and own the day feeling empowered and in control. It’s about always challenging yourself to learn and grow and believing in yourself enough to keep on going for it.

I freeking love supporting and empowering women who also have the niggle of wanting something bigger and better than they are experiencing right now, to take the steps to go all in and live their best life.

You don’t have to go it alone (i know I certainly didn’t get here without the support of coaches and mentors), I am here, ready to help and support anyone who is ready to step up and level up their own lives through adding more, health, happiness and adventure.

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