Who am I, What is My Story?


I’m a woman who has been unhappy with my appearance, which in turn affected my confidence, my self worth, my sex life, it even had my marriage on the verge of divorce.

On the surface a fitness instructor with the face of confidence, while underneath thoughts and feelings of never being good enough and the constant struggle to live in a body that I could be happy with. Going on diet after diet, trying the next fitness fad to the next crazy diet hoping that one of them would become the answer to all of my weight loss problems and be FINALLY able to get rid of my disgusting Mummy tummy. While the diets all worked in the short term, the belly fat would always come back as did my sweet tooth leading me right back to where I started. Feeling like a failure and even questioning my own ability to do my job, failing as a mum, a wife and a business owner constantly feeling pissed off and frustrated.

I Still Struggled

Despite knowing a shit ton about fitness and nutrition I still struggled with my will power, finding it impossible to say no to the kids sweetie tin and binging out at the weekends. Feeling like it was constant hard graft and struggle and STILL not getting the results.

So What Changed?

What Was It In The Past Year That Has Allowed Me To…

  • Re-ignight my relationship with my husband and get back on fire
  • Get less stressed with the kids and be able to enjoy them more
  • Get more productive in my business and take some epic leaps forward
  • FINALLY get a handle on my sweet tooth and binge eating without feeling deprived or like I’m missing out
  • To stay calm even when shit does hit the fan
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The Simple Truth of Going inside

Move from a place of just simply going through the motions. Trying, fucking it up, trying again just stumbling along to actually starting to tune into my own feelings and emotions and realizing exactly what were the underlying triggers to my constant fuck up’s.
Making the decision to change and looking for something different as I finally decided that the constant diets just were not working. Deciding that enough was enough and that I didn’t want to be in this same constant cycle for another 10 years.
This journey for me came with CLARITY and learning to go deeper than what was lying on the surface. Discovering the right:
The right TOOLS
The right SYSTEM and being accountable to following that through,  realising that the only limitations were the ones that I was placing on myself.
You see I had all the knowledge I needed to get results, yet I would fall into the same old problems.
Self-doubt – Procrastination – Feeling pissed off and angry with myself for going off track again- Starting then stopping then promising to start again – Feeling stuck – Feeling lost
Stuck in a loop of fear and helplessness and the thoughts that were constantly going through my head.

Then It ALL Changed

I have had mentors in the past to assist me with the work in business but this time I got a coach to work on all aspects of my life Angela helped me address my body, my relationship with myself, my relationships with the people around me and my business.
I then took on a BAD ASS coach from the states and invested the most money I have EVER spent on anything.
I was taught the tools… the mindset, the skill-set that completely transformed my life. Since I have been learning and practicing the mind-set and the tools to transform my entire life

  • My Business
  • My Relationship
  • My Fitness
  • My Sex Life
  • My Confidence

I am Happier and More Confident Right Now

Than I have ever been in my entire life, even with all the shit that shows up from time to time. Seriously like NEVER EVER been happier or more at peace with who I am.  And that is bringing some pretty exciting times ahead for me.
I want to share this with YOU.
More people need to know about this because it’s very simple stuff that when applied consistently can change things forever.

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