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This is an intro to the 4 main components of the Focused Mind, Fierce body Formula that combines fitness, nutrition and Mindset for lasting change to create the body and the life that you love.


1. – Download your Re-set guide

Why you are stuck within the diet trap and how you can start to break free. It all starts with small steps and we build and progress one step at a time

2. – Get clear on WHY

Now we are clear about the reasons why you have been stuck we get to create the changes and become ‘un-stuck’. One of the best tools for creating lasting change is to get really clear on exactly what you DO want. We do that be creating our goals. And not just creating them but dial down on them, get them written down and also dig into the reasons behind the goal. Do that and you create the power in this process. Check out this video for unstoppable goal setting

3. – Fuel the Body

Your body is the vehicle for which you use to navigate through life and how can you thrive at life if your body is tired sluggish and dysfunctional??

It’s for this reason the first part of my program dials down on getting your body performing optimally. And to do that we get to feed it with nutritious healthy foods and move your body daily. For this 7-day kick-start my gift to you is one of my legendary cookbooks.

Designed to make fat burning meals super simple to create and tasty to eat.

4. – Move the Body

Here you can try out one of the many workouts available on the full program, some are just 10 minutes long but enough to hit those fat stores and boost your energy levels. The program provides a huge amount of flexibility with your training and we work together to create a program schedule that works for YOU.

We all have different abilities, needs, wants and desires and for you to keep it up any training program has to work for you and your lifestyle.


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