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Feb 28

February Recap – Here’s What You Missed

Well hello there my little spring chickens, how the heck are you doing are you feeling a spring in your step this fine Monday?? 

 We made it through half term wahoooo! How was it for you? I know many of you have older kids or none at all, so manybe it was business as usual? 

We had 2 weeks off school here and there was certainly bouncing this morning as I bundled my kids off to school. Slower paced walks with the dogs enjoying the sun shining on my face before coming back to do a quick re-cap for you awesome lot. 

So of course, it’s the last day of February. This is your reminder for you to come and take a moment to reflect on the month that has passed and get clear on your intentions as we get ready to head into March. 

What do you want to achieve and how you want to feel as you step into the new month? If you could decide a theme for the month of March, what would yours be? 

So get out your planner and write out your intentions for this month. But always remember, planning and intentions mean nothing if you do not put them into action. 

What You Missed

Spring Shape Up 

This week I have kicked off the Spring Shape Up Challenge, and the energy that is inside the group is all that I hope for any time I set off with a new challenge. Yes this is about helping you to feel fitter, healthier and lose a few pounds BUT it’s coming from a space of deeper alignment. From a space of feel good and empowered self care. 

This is a fully online programme where you will get:

  • A personalised nutrition guide
  • Home Workouts
  • Daily motivation, tips and support  

We won’t be concentrating on the scales, this is ALL about tapping into your best possible you, to nourish your body with amazing foods, to stop the sabotaging behaviours around food, to build inner and physical strength

BUT you can expect to feel tighter, more toned and less bloated in a way that doesn’t mean giving up all of the things that you love. We started today but I have had a few last minute larry’s still wanting to jump on so I have left the doors open. So CLICK HERE to join now!

What I’m Loving Right Now!

Russell Brands Youtube channel– As he uses humour and investigative journalism to break down and help me to better understand what are incredibly complex issues from other sources that are not just the mainstream news. CLICK HERE to check out his channel. I actually wish I was still living in Blackpool as I would have really liked to go and see him live.

Currently listening to my new favourite podcast – Diary of a CEO. Hosted by the newest dragon Steven Bartlet. The Diary of a CEO is an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories of the people that have defined culture, achieved greatness and created stories worth studying. Particularly enjoyed James Smith, Jay Shetty and 1/2 way through listening to Matt Hanckock. The jury is still out on the latter one. Let me know if you have a listen and what you think of it. 

Latest Articles

There hasn’t been as many video’s lately as my focus for this year is on simplicity. This has meant focusing more on my writing which I am really enjoying exploring. These are my latest Medium articles. If you would like to support my writing and get unlimited access to all of my articles consider becoming a Medium member for just $5 per month. CLICK HERE to join.  Not only does it support me in creating more amazing articles but you also get access to 1000’s of talented writers and invaluable content on the platform.

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