Get Motivated, Get Results | How To Get Aligned

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Jan 27

Get Motivated, Get Results | How To Get Aligned

I love me a bit of goal setting. Heck, that’s why I created the Get It Together life planner.

I love to feel the buzz of excitement I get from dreaming, visualising and then setting a new goal. But goal setting isn’t just about the end result.

It’s about choosing to show up for yourself, to know that moving towards something is a big part of what gives our lives meaning and fulfilment. 

To believe that you can step into your potential to be, do and have whatever you can dream up. 

These qualities bring about an energy, that when continually nurtured,  it becomes infectious and will rub off and lift up those around you too. 

Normally people will set themselves big ridiculous goals at the start of the year and then fail to ever really get them going, never mind re-visit the piece of paper that they wrote them down on. But not you!! 

I love coming in to remind you each month to re-visit and re-set your goals and ideas ahead of the start of a new month.

Because it’s ok to change them too, to come up with new ideas as you get a fresh bout of inspiration. 

My goals for January were really just about coming back to a regular routine, I like to allow myself the space to settle into my goal setting and NOT just making it about New Years resolutions. 

After recovering from Covid I allowed myself to take the time and space with that, because the effects of it are no joke. I know a lot of people have been struggling with energy levels after coming down with it and so it’s essential to be mindful of that and patient with yourself. 

In January I chose to come back to the very simple things with my health first and foremost. 
This means:

  • Hydration 
  • Making some extra healthy nurturing choices
  • Tuning into my body by slowing down with my eating and taking a more mindful approach to the food I consume. 
  • Coming back to regular workouts and beginning to lift heavier weights during my sessions and pushing the conditioning aspects to challenge my heart a little too. Honestly this has felt so good to do.

This is exactly what I have been guiding the Better Body team to come back to too. I have also given some intention to manage my sleep, by coming back to taking Magnesium spray more regularly, getting to bed a little earlier so I can get up a little earlier and re-implement my Daily Fire Morning Routine. FYI I was in bed at 9PM the other night, yes it’s early but I felt awesome the next day. 

In the later part of last year I had kept the journaling aspect of my morning routine simply because it’s the thing that helps me the most and if I go to bare minimum, my bare is to include journaling. I just get so much relief and freedom from it its something that I rarely drop.  

But meditation and/or breathwork is often the first thing to go when I tell myself that I don’t have enough time as I felt I needed to sleep more and get up a little later. That worked for a time, but I then found myself getting frustrated that I wasn’t fitting in all of the things that I needed to complete, and so that was the trigger that I needed to change things up again and re-visit what I do in my mornings. 

So this week was about coming back to meditation, journaling and then writing my action steps in my planner every single day.

I am given that stark reminder that a morning routine is so incredibly powerful for my mindset, my productivity, my positivity and energy levels.

Put simply, the best version of me does her morning routine. 

A morning routine is not about me saying you must do this, this and this.

Your ideal morning routine may be completely different to mine BUT I do believe one of the most important elements is that it is around connecting with YOU in whatever way you best do that. 

To check in with how you are feeling, what you are feeling excited to work on and then being able to feel good about actioning those steps rather that having to force yourself to do those things. 

This is the feeling of alignment baby, and it feels like fire!!!  

A culmination of inspiration, aligned action and honouring self care, this is my space of feel good. 

The space where I feel like that unstoppable badass that i know I was born to be. And you can absolutely feel this awesome too. 

February is the month of love, but none of the soppy shizzle about looking hot for your other half. I’m all about helping you to love YOU and your body more than ever and find your own space of feel good alignment.

I believe that starts with your happy healthy you. 

This month on Better Body I will be helping you to feel focused, energised, fit, confident, strong and more importantly learning how to love your amazing body. 

It’s time for you to get motivated and to get RESULTS but from a place of feel good. 

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