7 Signs Your Body Is Struggling To Deal With Stress

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Jan 14

7 Signs Your Body Is Struggling To Deal With Stress

I feel like most of us have been dealing with some level of stress over the last two years, but how is it affecting your health and indeed your waistline?

Puffy face, lethargic, no motivation?? Here are some of the signs that your body could be dealing with chronic stress:

  • Everything Hurts – The body feels achy and tired, with tight muscles and nerves
  • Have more common digestive issues – Bloating, trouble digesting food, heartburn, constipation or diarrhoea
  • No Motivation To Workout – Lack of sleep and stress hinder your ability to recover from one workout to the next so actually showing up to your workouts feels increasingly harder.
  • Brain Fog – You feel forgetful, impulsive, highly sensitive or touchy, you have increasing self-doubt and struggle to concentrate.
  • You Keep On Getting Sick – White blood cell levels drop and inflammation goes up, so it’s harder to fight infections and heal wounds.
  • You Struggle With Your Weight – Levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin rise while levels of the satiety hormone leptin drop, boosting cravings, meaning you generally want to eat more. Meanwhile, metabolism slows down to a snail pace.

This is a topic we are coving this week over in Online Better Body coaching as it’s a key component that could be stopping you from getting the results that you desire, so members head over to the members group and join in the conversation on this topic. We delving into it a little more and there is where you can get coached through the steps to manage it that are right for you. Because quite simply, a stressed out body will struggle to lose weight and maintain good health.

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I will always continue to exercise, it’s just that thing that I do, I eat fairly healthily, I’m a health coach after all. Yet, that does not make me immune from the fear and the stress that we have all been experiencing.

Even with all of the health knowledge I have, I still succumb to the effects of stress and I have been feeling many of the above symptoms too. I’m also an emotional eater, and so the stress easily causes me to turn to food for comfort, plus I love food in general. And then there is also the increased alcohol as we attempt to take the edge off. To just blurr the lines and numb some of the feelings as we attempt to put some fun back into life.

A survey by the American Psychological Association shows that a whopping 61% of Americans have reported undesired weight gain during the pandemic. Usually where America leads the way you can expect the UK and the rest of the world to be not too far behind. And yet the irony is that that being overweight dramatically increases your risk of being hospitalised from Covid by up to as much as three times.

Over in the members group I am going to help you raise your self awareness around this topic and also give the strategic steps to combat it, so that it doesn’t derail your health intentions this year too.

As we move into next week we are also going to be focusing in on one strategy that runs in line with stress management that will support you in sustaining a healthy bodyweight WITHOUT having to count calories and track every single morsel of food. 

Whilst tracking your food can have a place, and it certainly does work, it’s not how I want to spend my life that is already busy enough.

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I’ll see you on the inside.

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