TOP TIPS For Motivation |How To Get Back On Track With Your Health

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Jan 09

TOP TIPS For Motivation |How To Get Back On Track With Your Health

Getting back on track after a break or some time out can feel a little overwhelming. Having to summon every ounce of will power to start putting those health goals into action, it can leave you promising it’s just one more weekend before you knock the beers on the head and promise that you will REALLY get started next Monday.

Maybe you thought you would step into the New Year and miraculously feel super hyped and motivated to get going. Did it happen?? No, it didn’t for me either. In all honesty, I have been struggling to get going myself this first week into the new year.

Recovering from COVID (though I have had a very mild response) I was finding it hard to get my brain and my body into action. So these are the steps I have been working on myself in order to gain some much-needed motivation and momentum.

Follow these steps to get your motivation back on track.

1 Give Yourself A Break

First up I have to say, STOP giving yourself a hard time about not feeling motivated if you are struggling to get going. So many people are still trying to process all that has gone on over the last two years and it’s been physically and mentally draining, it’s no wonder you are finding it hard.

Just because you don’t feel ready to go all in over this first 30 days of the year, it doesn’t mean you are destined to fail. In fact, I would say, those that who do take the slow and steady approach will be the ones that prevail for the long term.

It’s ok to take a moment or two, you will get back to it one little step at a time.

2 Clear A Physical Space

Now before I get into this one. With an aim of being real and completely authentic, I am a massive scruff and messy MOFO. I do not have an immaculate Instagram worthy home that sparkles clean. Most of the time my house is a flipping mess, Marie Kondo would have a field day. But this does mean that the slightest bit of de-cluttering does absolute wonders for my motivation.

If I declutter the smallest of things, I feel like I have achieved a masters degree in feng shui.

Over the festive period, my home gym had become something of a dumping ground for school bags, snowboards and Christmas decorations, and anything else that the messy boys in my household decide they are going leave there. It got little to no use for actually working out.

Clearing it was kind of a necessity as I was getting ready to go back to teaching my online classes. The first step was to throw out the rubbish, pack everything away and get that space ready so it actually felt inviting to go and workout in.

It doesn’t have to be a workout space. Clearing out any space will help you feel mentally clearer and ready to invite new things into your life. It could be clearing out a kitchen draw or cupboard as you prepare to start making healthier meals in there.

You could clear out a space in your wardrobe and get your workout clothes better organised. Unless you are like me and live in your workout gear (i like the comfy life) having them neatly organised in your wardrobe makes them a little more inviting to put on and start moving your body.

You don’t have to de-clutter an entire room, just pick one small area, draw or section of a cupboard, get it cleared and notice the feeling of accomplishment that you get at the end of it.

3 Take A 5 Minute Action

Committing to just a 5-minute action can get you out of a funk and moving towards your goals again.

Simply commit to 5 minutes of doing something, anything that will help to move you forward.

Maybe that’s 5 minutes of writing our your goals and intentions or opening up a book and committing to 5 minutes of reading,5 minutes of the warm-up of your workout routine, 5 minutes searching for a healthy recipe to try. Members, you guys can take a 5 minute action of getting back into the members site or the members group and to interact.

A tiny action can help you bust through procrastination and out of a rut.

Committing to just 5 minutes feels doable, anyone can do just 5 minutes of something, right? What will your 5 minute action be?? Now go do it before you talk yourself out of it again.Try A 5 Minute Action If You Are Feeling Stuck In A Rut
Try It, It Really

4 Choose Your Consistent

This is to choose one small action step and be consistent with it, making the commitment to that one thing for at least a week. If you were to ask yourself what’s one small thing you could do that you know you aren’t doing right now that will gradually help you to move towards your goal, what would that be?

When it comes to the new year I see so many people going gung ho and trying to do everything at once. Trouble is, it takes over your entire life, it’s freaking hard going and then you get to the point where it just feels unsustainable. Start with one small step, being consistent with it and then gradually adding in other elements over time.

So you may decide that you need to be drinking more water. Aaim to drink more water every day, check to make sure your pee is that pale straw colour. Do it for a week until it starts to develop as a habit. You get used to having your big ass water bottle and taking it everywhere with you and sipping on it throughout the day.

Once you have that in the bag, move onto on the next health habit. The key really is consistency

5 Empower Your Environment

We know how easy it is to be influenced by those around you. So use that in a positive way and surround yourself with people who are also working towards their health goals. This could be a friend, your partner, or even looking towards online communites.

This is what I work on cultivating in my own coaching programme Online Better Body coaching.

Of course this is what I work on cultivating in Online Better Body coaching. A supportive online hub but also getting step by step guidance with me as your coach.  It can feel tough, I get it and that’s why I’m here to help you every step of the way, that’s what I do. But work on surrounding yourself with people and in spaces where others are working towards a common goal and wanting to better their health and their bodies too. 

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Love Always


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