Use This Mindset Shift To Finish The Year Strong

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Dec 14

Every new day and another step closer towards the end of this year.
I was reading an article the other day and one quote really stood out that I wanted to talk about in today’s post.

That’s really the gift of reading lots, whether you are reading articles, books or even these emails that I aim to send out to you each and every week.

There will often be stand out sentences that stick with you, just little nuggets that resonate with your own experiences and can be the reminder that kicks you into creating change or applying something new to your life.

That’s why I continue to send them week after week in the hope that just one thing I share can resonate and help to make a positive impact on just one life, then my work is done.

So when I find that something resonates with me I use that quote and turn it into a question or a journal prompt.

It’s with questions that you get to really feel the impact of the lesson or quote and how that to you in your life. It creates better self-awareness, a knowing of yourself which in turn breeds more confidence and generally is what helps me to feel like a happier person.

So the quote that seemed to hit it for me when reading the article was:

“If you’re still here and showing up each day after 2020 and 2021, you’re unstoppable. You survived one of the most difficult times in human history, so you’re stronger, not weaker.”– Tim Denning 

You have made it this far this year, take pride in that!!!

This sh!t has been f*cking hard!!!! 

So to use that quote, really begin to embed this into your memories from this year. We are living through a pivotal moment in human history and you are still going. 

Ask yourself:

  • How has this year made me stronger?
  • Look for examples and remind yourself of all of the times when you have overcome hard things this last year. 
  • What did that experience give you? 
  • What did you learn? 
  • How can you use this experience to evolve and grow? 
  • What is it going to help you do differently in the future?

I’ll be asking many more powerful questions like this in the ‘2021 It’s A Wrap’ Workshop which is taking place next Tuesday 21st December. 

I LOVE doing these sessions at the end of the year to get super clear on where you have been bossing life, to celebrate the sh*t out of that and use it within your arsenal for stepping into 2022 with your I’m a badass Attitude, this is what I want for 2022 and watch me make it happen. To say I’m hyped for this session is an understatement.

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I literally can’t wait to hear your stories of this year, and even if you are struggling and right now can’t find those things, trust me you have them!! 

So go a little deeper, if you do this work it can transform how you feel and give you that ability to step into the new year feeling hopeful and optimistic. 

It’s always worth it. 

Love Always Emma

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