Why Your Workouts Aren’t Working For Weight Loss

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Oct 26

Why Your Workouts Aren’t Working For Weight Loss

Maybe you have been working out and have been getting frustrated with your lack of progress.

Now of course if you are completely happy with your body composition then working out of course has many health benefits, I believe fitness is something that everyone should be doing and not just to change your body composition.

But if your goal is to release a few pounds so that you can feel better in your clothes to move better, to feel better then exercise alone has shown to have very little effect on overall body composition.

A study by the University Of Texas ran a 12 week study where they used a group of 100 sedentary individuals. One half of the group (the control group) were told to continue eating as they were and remain sedentary. The other group took on a 12-week training programme consisting of 5 hours of exercise per week, with 3 strength training sessions and 2 circuit-style workouts.

So you would think that with all the additional movement, they would make some progress right? They were burning more calories, they were moving a hell of a lot more, surely you should see a significant shift?

The actual result??

The training group lost a measly 1lb of body fat, compared to the control group that didn’t change anything at all and stayed the same.

All that sweat, all that work for one measly pound. And if you were someone who was paying out for a gym membership or a trainer add all of that time and money into the equation I know I would be feeling damnd disheartened too.

So what can we take from this?

You simply cannot out-train your diet. Believe me, I have tried many times.

If you want to change your body composition, to gain muscle, lose fat to actually achieve feeling better in your clothes, to stop feeling overweight you have to combine moving your body alongside sound nutritional protocols.

I’d also add that lifestyle changes are equally important too.

This is exactly what we guide you through in Online Better Body coaching. We give you the movement sessions, walk you through how to navigate your nutrition without feeling like you have to give up your entire life.

We regularly see members releasing 1-2lb a week working out just 3 times per week without even having to step foot inside a gym and without having to give up every food you love, keeping in mind that the above study took 12 weeks to just shift 1lb.

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