Here’s What You Missed & October Intentions

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Oct 04

August & September Recap & October Intentions

Hey Amazing lady thanks for coming to check out this recap!

Welcome on into October and today’s roundup blog is actually for the last 2 months. I was away for most of August and so didn’t do an August
recap, so Im bundling them both in together.

So how are you feeling stepping into this new month??

I’m feeling just a little bit over the stresses and the BS of the last 2 years!!

How about you??

I’m also choosing not to dwell on that feeling and have started this month with a real spring in my step, despite the crappy weather I’m really
working on my mindset to sustain this space no matter what is going on
the outside.

I’m also channelling my energy into this months Fall Focus which is not
so much a challenge, but really more of a month where I am guiding my members to come back to the self. Getting clear once again on our goals and how we want to feel.

Because OMG it’s going to be 2022 in 13 weeks time!!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly time can fly by and so doing what we can with the time that we have is always a priority for me.

Don’t get stuck doing the same old sh*t and never getting anywhere!!!

What would you love to achieve, how do you want to feel before this year is done with?

Some serious journaling and planning has been going down here at ECN HQ and I have been writing out exactly what i want to see come into life before this year is out.

So get out your planner and do the same. Members, get to the journaling questions I shared this weekend so you too can be clear on yours.

Remember to renew your planners now if you have been using the hard copies CLICK HERE to re-order yours. And of course, if you are starting your (dare I say it) Christmas shopping early, these make for wonderful gifts for any woman that you know with big goals and dreams.

What’s New?

Fall Focus

As mentioned above this months Fall Focus is about focusing in on YOU
and your goals.

Stepping into a new month and I’m totally feeling the autumnal season of releasing, letting go and coming back to YOU!!

DONE with stressed out and fear based thinking
DONE with these stressed driving emotional eating and drinking
DONE with life feeling like it’s still on hold
DONE with the media manipulating and making things feel worse

F*ck it all, we are choosing to step back into our power

Fall focus is ON!!!

– Energising and nurturing foods
– Feel good movement
– Fitting into our clothes better
– Optimal rest and recovery
– Empowered unstoppable mindset
– Putting ideas and dreams into action
– What are your intentions for October!?

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FREE Resources Recap

Here is a recap on the latest FREE Bonus resources I have created for you guys. Click on the images to access.

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