Has Stress Caused You To Gain Weight?

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Sep 30

Follow The Feel Good

It’s a mantra I choose to life by. Do what what feels good for you, what sets your soul on fire, what makes life joyful and happy

I’ll be honest, whilst I have LOADs I am truly grateful for, I also feel like the last 18 months has absolutely kicked my ass.

There have been many times when I have felt like we were drowning in stress, in the unknown and the fear. It’s taken f*ck load of effort to keep our heads above water. Financially, mentally and physically.

Quite frankly I am sooooo freaking done with it.

I’m done with feeling like we have been putting our lives on hold, I’m done with feeling constantly stressed and wiped out, I’m done with feeling disconnected with my body.

Im ready to put my physical health, emotional health and business growth back at the forefront of my priorities, I’m ready to get back to feeling good and continually following more of that feel good.

I believe in making mirco improvements, its how lasting transformation is created, I talk about this a lot.

But the flip side of this are micro regressions. We are all in a constant state of motion, we are either moving forwards or backwards there is no standing still.

When it comes to dealing with stress, it can be one of those challenges that can send us back instead of forwards. We all deal with stress and challenging times in different ways.

Some people bury their head in the sand, disconnect with the world and try to pretend it isn’t happening.

Others turn to food, alcohol, drugs or turning into a workaholic.

All of these can feel like small/mirco coping strategies that arent harmful, they just take the edge of a little right, they help you deal with life.

There are so many ways in which people choose to cope or help manage the feelings and emotions that they are going through in tough times.

So take a moment to consider, what are the ways that you deal with stress and challenges?

The micro regressions including oh one won’t hurt, in just needing time to rest, the promise to start or do better tomorrow.

In my own experience I know I have been stress eating, I have been drinking wayyyy more than I usually would, I have been craving more brain and physical space.

This is not about making you feel bad, this is absolutely OK, you don’t have to place any judgement on this, I am certainly not going to make myself wrong for this.

But I know for me personally it’s starting to NOT feel great. The micro regressions are building and its been impacting how I feel. How I feel in my clothes, in my energy levels, the stiffness in my body, my hamstring injury that isn’t healing. I also have the up and coming winter season approaching and my winter coat is feeling a little on the snug side and I am certainly not up for buying a new one.

I am sick of giving my power away to this f*cked up situation that we have all been living through these past 2 years, though it now is starting to feel like forever.

I’m done, and I’m so ready to come back to more of the feel good in ALL areas of my life that I am normally used to.

Coming back to my body, though it is NOT about restriction. I come back to my health in a way of alignment.

You don’t actually need fancy diets or long boring workouts….

Trust me… I’ve tried them all. Every diet. Every workout. Every trick out there.

And you know what?

It still didn’t work!!!

That’s when I decided to drop the struggle and the rules and instead do things MY WAY.

What did my way look like?

✅ No working out like a crazy person
✅ No obsessing over every morsel of food
✅ No complicated formulas to follow
✅ No stressful rules
✅ No restricting or punishing

It’s how I will release body fat whilst still having freedom with food, and more appreciation with my body all whilst living a life I enjoy.

This is why I created Online Better Body Coaching where you will learn how to…

✅ align with your happy healthy body WITHOUT giving up all of the things that give you pleasure and joy
✅ release body fat whilst quitting dieting for GOOD
✅ move your body and feel good in just 3 x 30 minute a week sessions

Want in?

Join us this month for the Fall Focus challenge. Where we are coming back to feel good health intentions from a place of focus and aligned action.

I’m ready to look in the mirror and really see and love myself again
I’m ready to feel more aligned with my goals and dreams again
I’m ready to feel excited for life again
I’m ready to feel alive

I’m soooooo freaking ready for this and I want you there too.

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Love Always


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