Micro Adjustments Breed The Ripples Of Growth

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Sep 20

Micro Adjustments Breed The Ripples Of Growth

As I woke up today I came to my journaling and planner practice and began to unravel some of my thoughts down onto paper. I have a deep love for the practice of journaling and using a life planner, as it always gives me exactly what I need, the answers that I seek and the clarity for my own thoughts that often get muddled if I just leave the rolling around in my head.

I allowed myself to sit with how I was feeling. After a lovely relaxing weekend of lakeside paddleboarding, a little bit of decluttering around the house and a wonderful Sunday roast cooked by a friend. Really taking the moment to appreciate the joy that these seemingly simple activities bring.

A relaxing weekend and yet I had this thought enter, that maybe I’m not doing enough. Not achieving enough, not growing enough, not exciting enough. The old thought pattern of not believing that ‘I am enough’ can easily creep back into my conscious thoughts if I don’t keep it in check. It’s something that has always been there for as long as I can remember, a sdeep rooted pattern I have had to work on breaking.

As someone who has always been ambitious, I have this need within me to be always working towards something like I have something to prove to someone or something. And while I still have goals that I want to achieve, the emotional stress that has been placed on us all throughout the duration of the pandemic means that I am also craving more headspace, more time just being and allowing myself to experience joy and happiness in the most simple things.

I have shifted from a space of needing to achieve, to almost a gentle contentment. Well that’s what I know that I need right now, yet there is that niggle in my head, that I need to be doing more.

And as I wrote in my journal this morning, that thought  that I am not growing enough is actually untrue anyway. That thought is not serving me, its only making me feel bad or guilty. I am now choosing to let it go.

You see there are plenty of places I am making progress and this is the beauty of being more mindful in your practices. If I just allowed my thoughts to run away with me I would be stepping into the week feeling crappy for not being enough.

Instead, I have allowed myself to create the space and look at all of the areas in which progress and improvements are being made.

I remember that my ultimate goal above all else is to be happy, to enjoy life and to allow more ease and flow.

I think we all forget that life is allowed and indeed is meant to be enjoyable.

You are allowed to move your body in ways that feel good

You are allowed to eat foods you enjoy

You are allowed to follow your passions and delve into your purpose

You are allowed to enjoy simple things that light up your soul and not solely focus on how good your life looks to others.

You are allowed to just be

I choose to work on all my life endeavours knowing that it comes from inspired effort as opposed to hard hustle and grind. Hustle will only lead to exhaustion and burnout, and I think too many of us have been close to that boundary of late. 

And this always reminds me of this powerful quote

Mindset Motivation Quote

“You often feel tired, not because you have done too much, but because you have done too little of what sparks a light in you” – Unkown

For me, creating a life I love, that sparks the light in me is:

  • Having a body that moves well and functions for the life that I want to lead
  • Accepting my body and knowing that my confidence comes from within and not what my body looks like
  • Doing work that I am passionate about and helps make a difference in the lives of others
  • Earning enough from my work to create financial stability for myself and my family
  • Having a home that is comfortable and safe and that I love spending time in
  • Being there to love and care for my family
  • Having time out to just be, to explore and to experience adventure and always involves nature
  • Allowing myself to feel joy, calm and happiness
  • Simplicity

So this week I encourage you to consider what feels like your truth. What are the things that are important to you, what sparks your light? Do more of that, even if they are just small things.

Know that often it won’t always feel like you are making waves, but the small intentions you make each week will leave little ripples of growth taking you towards the life you love.

Love Always


PS – If you have been feeling called to take this further and work deeper into having me as your coach, I’m ready to support and guide you there.

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