How To Do A Kettlebell Or Dumbbell Swing | Fix Your Form Series

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Sep 17

How To Do A Kettlebell Or Dumbbell Swing | Fix Your Form Series

I love a home workout, which I always have done. Even back when I had my own fitness studio, I would still do my own training at home.

It was just more time-efficient, I could do it with the kids running around my feet, I didn’t have to drive anywhere and I could do it in my PJ’s if I wanted to it just worked for fitting into my busy life.

You don’t even need a lot of equipment to get a super effective workout.

The pandemic saw millions of people turning to home workouts to keep up their health and fitness up as the gyms all closed down. And even now as some normality has begun to resume many people have stuck to working out online because of the convenience it brought to their work from home lifestyle.

Whilst it’s certainly not for everyone, those that have made it work are thriving and I believe that home workouts are going to be here to stay, and I am absolutely here for it.

From the bazillions of free workouts that are available on Youtube, low cost or even free fitness apps that are available there is a lot to choose from. Getting in a killer workout with basic equipment such as a mat, some dumbbells or resistance bands and you are good to go.

But with this comes the need for a more mindful approach to your movement to help you get the most from your workouts and of course keeping you free from injury.

After speaking with some of my own online coaching members I decided I wanted to bring in a fix your form series where I walk through in more detail some of the techniques behind some of the staple exercises we use.

A small shift in your technique can not online improve your overall results but it can also keep you free from injuries and niggles that can, in turn, hamper your progress.

The first in this series is The Swing

The swing is an awesome foundation exercise that I like to use a lot in workouts because of its effectiveness. It helps to develop strength of the posterior chain, whilst also challenging the cardiovascular system without having to apply impact to the joints that is common in more cardio based exercises. 

Because the swing recruits so many different muscles from the back, butt, hamstrings, arms and core you begin to increase the heart rate as the need for blood get’s the stuff pumping around your body. Plus it also helps you to develop explosive power. This is essential for being fit for life. If you needed to run, jump, quickly get out of the way of something your body requires explosive power. Explosive power is the combination of strength and speed and could even help you improve your running performance.

All in all The swing is an awesome exercise to add to your home workout arsenal, but it’s also an exercise I see a lot of people getting wrong.

When done wrong this can cause issues with the lower back and so to rectify this and level up your swing, check out the following tutorial.

Full Tutorial

If you have any specific exercises which you may be unsure if you are doing right, let me know in the comments and I’ll cover it in a future Fix Your Form video.

Or if you are struggling to make progress with your home workouts and would like more in depth coaching on fitness, nutrition and mindset to help you reach more of your goals then check out my 30 day programme Online Better Body Coaching.


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