Here’s What You Missed In July

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Aug 02

July Recap & August Intentions

Hey, Welcome on into August and I hope you have been enjoying the recent good spell of weather and have taken a moment to reflect on the month that has passed and to get intentional for the month of August.

What’s one thing that you would love to fully align with this month?

And when I say align I mean inspired to take action on, to feel excited to have in your life, to connect with what it will mean to you, how it will feel to have this?

For me, the focus is on keeping it simple, focusing on the things that I know support me the highest.

In fact, one thing I want to come back to is a more regular meditation practice. I haven’t been doing it as consistently lately and then just last week I went on a 1/2 day silent retreat.

During one of the meditations I had a real moment of clarity, felt that connection with my intuition and was reminded that I get to trust and believe and keep in the direction I am going. The meditation felt incredibly powerful for me and I know I want to feel more of that.

My other intentions are:

  • Prioritise Rest & Recovery
  • Slow Down
  • Take Time Out
  • More Reading
  • Meditate/Breathe
  • Less Screen Time
  • Connection With Myself & The Humans That Surround Me
  • Practice Being Present

This is why I always invite you guys to lean in to:

What are the things that feel good for you, feel like a hug for your soul?

Whatever it is for you, go and do more of that thing. Everything you do, all of the choices you make have the opportunity to support your best possible future.

CLICK HERE to download your planner pages, or CLICK HERE to upgrade or renew your hard copy of the planner. Get your pen out and write down your intentions for August, keep them simple, do it from a place of love and care for yourself and bringing your dreams and goals to life.

What’s New?

Introducing brand new Recipe Packs:

When it comes to healthy eating, I know for me personally one of the most frustrating things is having to choose what to eat every night. This is why I love providing our members with monthly recipe packs to keep them trying out new foods but also to take a lot of the guess work away.

Well I have now put together a band new recipe pack bundle. Over the years I know so many people have come to me saying they love the recipes they used as part of the programmes and that they still use them to this day.

So members, your August recipe packs will be up for you guys later today, but you can now also purchase the brand new recipe packs by clicking on the image below to find out more as these are available to everyon. All of the recipes can also be plugged straight into MyFitness Pal for easier tracking (for those of you who like to use the method of food tracking to optimise your results)

Of course if you want the additional workouts, coaching and support join us this summer over in the Online Better Body Coaching Programme. For full details or to sign up now CLICK HERE and get started today!!

FREE Resources Recap

Here is a recap on some of the FREE resources I have been creating for you guys this month Here are some of the free resources that you may have missed this month:

Cardio Conditioning Workout
Bodyweight Tabata Madness
Full Body EMOM Workout With Dumbbells

I have a new website, Yey. head over to the new space now.