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By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Jul 19

How To Find Your Strong

Last week felt hard. It felt heavy for so many reasons, I felt physically and mentally drained and I had no energy or motivation to do anything.

I’m actually blaming the football and lack of sleep for the onset of this, but I have had a lot of conversations over the last few days and it seems I have not been alone in feeling this way.

How were your energy levels last week? Have they made a return yet? 

Regardless of my energy levels over the last week, I was accepting of this and really allowed myself to go there, to feel into my funk, not fight it, but actually be there deep in it. To surrender to it instead of fighting it off.

It’s when we try to fight the funk we feel defeated, we make ourselves wrong as though we are a failure because you feel this way. We beat ourselves up about it and it just extends the cycle of the funk. 

Your real strength will come from a space of acceptance and patience.

Doing the work can feel hard. Whether that is the work on your health, on your mindset, to improve your life in any way is going to require you to find your strength and it’s only the strong that will make it there to the wholly grail of achieving their dreams and goals.

To step up and reclaim your strength will come from rising back up out of your funk and continuing to put yourself out there, in the game of keeping clear and focused on what it is that you DO want going forward.

It can feel tough to do this for sure. Putting yourself out there can feel scary.

The fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the feeling of not being enough.

We all have the need for love and acceptance

We fear being rejected, left out, being alone, being the odd one out!

It comes in many forms

For me it’s often in making new friends, or putting myself out there to do new things in my business, creating content for my members and then also inviting people in to come and join it, creating a new Youtube video, a new Medium article, writing an email to my list, speaking my truth.

What if no one comes, what if no one watches, what if people unsubscribe?

Will this feed into and validate my already present insecurities?

It may seem insignificant to the confident types, but to anyone out there who has ever been left questioning their self-worth, the fears are very real and it requires strength to keep on showing up.

It’s those who find their strength that will survive, it’s those that dig deeper into the meaning and their reasons why that they need to be strong and to keep going are the ones that will not just survive, but be the ones that will thrive. 

I just read a wonderful email from Mel Robbins on exactly this same topic and was the inspiration for this post.

What are the things that you want for your life?? What are the things that are important to you?

By not speaking out, and doing these things you are in fact rejecting yourself.

Read that again. 

By not going after your dreams and goals you are in fact rejecting yourself!!!

It’s a bit like those penalties last week (I know do we really need to revisit that moment??) 

You miss all of the shots you never take but in taking those shots you gain respect and lessons. 

You gain your strength by being brave enough to take the shot in the first place.

Excellence is not a natural given skill, excellence is saved for those that refuse to give up no matter what the outcome. This is your call to believe in yourself enough to keep on going.

Use your fears and rejections as an opportunity to learn and improve

How would it feel for you to actually have the strength, the guidance and support to really go after your goals and dreams?

To show up in a new way for your life.

A way that will give you more time, more freedom, more peace and you get to become more aligned than ever with where you want your life to be going.

Life can have moments where it feels heavy and hard, I get that, I feel those moments too, just like this week.

But I also know that these moments are our guides. They are the stop signs that are telling you that enough is enough and that now is the time for change.

Ready to step up and start taking more shots at the life you keep on feeling the pull towards??

I’m inviting you to come and access a FREE 7 day trial of coaching with me as part of the Shine Squad membership.

You are here because you have that strength within you and I am here to help you see that.

Love Always


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