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Jul 01

June Recap

Welcome on in to the 1st of freaking July and the second half of 2021!! Say What!!!!!

So what has been going down at ECNHQ this month? And what is coming up for July?

With my members, we have been taking a moment to reflect on this first half of the year. To take stock of where we are at, and indeed where we are going. I know this can feel hard to do when there is so much uncertainty, but the number one thing that keeps me feeling hopeful and positive is knowing that it all starts with the belief in myself.

Self-belief isn’t always easy especially when your reality, your past experiences and even other people attempt to tell you otherwise. For most of my adult life I have battled with the feelings of not ‘good enough’ it’s something that I still have to manage when self-doubt creeps back up or I find my thoughts wandering to needing external validation.

I have come to the conclusion that so many of our challenges, stresses and life worries would be practically irradicated if we could only tap into the resource of unwavering self-belief. 

Take that in for a moment.

If you truly, wholeheartedly believed in yourself, how different do you think you would feel, how would you show up each day, how different would your results be if you believed that you could?

Stop waiting for permission or external validation and choose to show up for just the true love for yourself and the belief that you know that you can.

What this world needs right now is more awesome amazing human beings like you, we need strong women, we need more love, we need more kindness, we need you to step into all of you being the beautiful badass that deep inside you know you are meant to be

For the month of June over in the Shine Squad we have been working through our mid-year check and reset work.

This work is designed to give you more guidance and clarity so you are showing up for your life with intention, meaning and purpose. To show up to create the ideal lifestyle that you have been dreaming of and to become the person that knows deep down in your soul that you are capable of becoming.

A lifestyle that you truly love, a lifestyle that you find meaningful and fulfilling. Things that bring you happiness each day, but also that challenges you to know you went in and went and did the work to be your absolute best self.

This isn’t just about having more at the expense of being stressed out. This is about you feeling more deeply yourself, feeling more energised, more positive, feeling happier, it’s about you LIVING more.

Members can still CLICK HERE to access now, or if you are not a member yet you can CLICK HERE to join us.

Members get access to new self-development trainings each month, plus weekly live coaching sessions and access to our exclusive members-only community for support, accountability and connection. This is a group of high vibe women who are all committed to going all in and going after their goals this year.

In July – We are working on the theme of creating Unshakeable Self Belief. If you are ready to declare not only that you are ‘good enough’ but that you are MORE than enough and that starts from within

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Over at Online Better Body Coaching, (which dials in more for those of you that are only focused on your fitness goals) we have just completed the 6 weeks Fit For Summer challenge. Each week introducing different elements of nutrition and lifestyle changes to support the feeling of a happy healthy body that feels damn good to live in.

In case you missed it you can see the winner of the results of the challenge and what she had to say about it see the images below.

What Better Body Coaching Member Kerri had to say
Weight Loss wasn’t actually the goal, but this is what happened after 6 weeks with Online Better Body Coaching

If you want to come and join the Online Better Body Coaching for the pre summer fit club CLICK HERE and join us today for just £47

July’s Better Body Coaching we have the Get Outdoors More challenge and also tapping into the basics of improving gut health for even more energy and supporting your immune system.

A reminder that Shine Squad members also get access to Better Body coaching as well as tapping into the mindset coaching in all other life areas too at just £57 CLICK HERE

Here are some of the free resources that you may have missed this month:

Questions To Ask To Help You Level Up Your Life
10 Minute Booty Burner
Killer Lower Body Workout

– 5 Day No Added Sugar Challenge – I did this as part of the 6 week fit for summer challenge and here’s what happened from just one week, with some results that I wasn’t expecting

These are actually video’s from last year but if you want to complete your own mid year review check out these two video’s

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Emma xx

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