How To Get Ready For A Life Upgrade

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

May 27

How To Get Ready For A Life Upgrade

Ever find yourself in frustration saying…..’I just wish…… (you fill in the blank)

Maybe it’s:

  • I just wish I could lose 10lb’s
  • I just wish I had more money
  • I just wish I could be more consistent with ….
  • I just wish I had the confidence to…

What is it for you??

How do you end that sentence??

Maybe you feel that with everything that’s been thrown at you lately you have started to feel like you are losing your way? That can feel scary, uncertain and with everything that feels really big in this world right now, it can leave us feeling powerless. Maybe you have been feeling in a funk and you know that this isn’t you living as the best version of yourself.

This is a time more than ever before that I believe you get to step back into the things that are important to you, to step back up as the world needs more of the light that you have inside of you. 

I decided that no matter what was going on outside of me, I was going to level up my life this year. To level up my habits, to level up my self-belief, to level up my health and my business. These are all work in progress but there are times you have to ask yourself, what is important to me right now? What do I want for my life?

You are the greatest project that you will ever work on, and it’s work that’s worth doing.

What’s the one thing in my life that I could change, that would impact everything else I have going on. Either making them easier or irrelevant.

What’s the one thing that you know you could take control of that you find yourself saying?

We get pulled in so many different directions, the needs, wants and fear of the judgement of others we forget to tune in and really ask ourselves what is it that you actually want?

What does my soul need? What are you craving for your life at a deep core level?

To start working on yourself the key is to going within first. So grab your journal, or if you don’t already have a journaling practice (you can check out my training A Beginners Guide To Journaling HERE) and take a moment to write out the answers to the following questions. Journaling is so powerful as it’s really tapping into the mindset and your own inner guidance.

  1. What do I want for myself and my life right now? What is my soul craving?
  2. Where would I really love to 2 years from now? A wish that is within your control? How do you want to fee?
  3. What’s the one thing that feels most important to me, that will impact every aspect of my life to make it better?
  4. Where am I at right now? What’s the gap between where I am and where I want to be?
  5. Whats the action plan? Steps? Habits? Who do I get to become?

Could you crack open the journal this week and write down some of the answers to those questions and see what comes up for you?

We are nearing the end of May and indeed hurtling towards the mid way point of 2021. It never ceases to amaze me at just how fast time can slip away when we are not intentional about making the most of it. Time and indeed our lifetime is something that we only get to live just once.

One chance you get at this thing called living!!

And I know the living part of life has felt like it’s something that has been left on hold of late, but it’s time for you to stop waiting for it all to pass and look into what it would mean for you to level it back up.

I don’t think any of us expected this year to turn out quite the way it has, and I know for many it’s been an incredibly challenging time and that may well be the understatement of the year.

Yet the energy and focus that I have seen within my member’s group this last week is a beautiful reminder that you have so much strength and power already within you, all you really need to do is to be able to remember and see that for yourself.

These women have been settling in, continuing to do the work.


That is work worth doing!!

Because this is when you feel unstoppable and know that you can take on anything that you come to face no matter what the rest of 2021 throws your way.

You are of value, you are loved, you are important to this life, you and the things you do matter in this world.

Now is the time to step up and remember that as we are preparing to meet the Β½ way point of this year we are going to be facing it head on. To feel like like we are making progress on those goals and are important. To really dial in on that one thing that you have been saying that you want to achieve and to make that commitment to making head way on it.

This is how your next level feels, and it’s been calling you for quite some time now. It’s time to go beyond what’s comfortable and commit to real change.

I always get hyped up to deliver knowledge bombs and super powerful tools like this to support the Shine Squad members to reaching more of their goals, and doing it without all of the stress and pressure.

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You have nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain as we making waves and committing to the next level no matter what that looks like for each individual. This is about YOU getting to work on YOU and levelling up your life

JOIN HERE, I know you are going to love it as much as we do.

Love Always

Emma xx


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