Revealing The Real Secrets To BIG Life Transformations

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Mar 16

Revealing The Real Secrets To BIG Life Transformations

You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything!! Well, at least you can’t do it all at once!!

When it comes to making change, I know you want to see the big transformation taking place in front of your eyes.

I’ve done a week of eating healthy….. Am I skinny yet??

I have done my morning routine 3 days in a row… Have I got my sh*t together?

I tried that journaling thing a couple of times, I’m not sure it’s working

Real-life transformation is not big and sexy like we see it in the movies. Often it slow, it’s frustrating and quite often basic and boring!

Lasting transformation is about putting the reps in, over and over and over again. It’s keeping going even when you can’t yet see the physical changes. 

It’s failing, editing and doing it again. Transformation and growth is the infinite game where actually there isn’t EVER any winning, there is no finish line!!! 

The only competition is becoming better than you were yesterday and realising your own potential comes from putting in the reps. That your transformation will only be realised when you don’t stop, when you no longer focus all of your attention on the outcome.

I see the potential in so many amazing women who allow themselves to get stuck with a fixed mindset and frustrated when change doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s exactly the same as the challenge I’m currently navigating with my youngest son.

He’s learning to read. In France, they don’t start learning to read and write until the age of 6, before that learning is focused on play and more creative activities. At 6 years old there is a significant shift in the learning style and at the moment, he is finding that tough. Especially when it comes to making him do his reading homework daily.

This challenge becomes intensified when he is facing it with a very fixed mindset as he comes out with statements such as

‘I’m no good at this’

‘I’m never going to get it’

‘Its too hard’

‘I’m dumb’

‘I hate doing this’

As a parent, it’s my job to nurture a growth mindset within my kids, and as a coach, I do the same with my clients and indeed with you here reading this blog post.

I remind him daily that growth and transformation comes with PRACTICE!!!!

It comes from doing the work and doing it DAILY, and the more you do it the easier it becomes, you get faster, you get better and with consistency comes the improvements.

Not sexy in the slightest, but this is cutting through so much of the BS that we see out there.

  • Get rock hard abs in 30 days
  • 6 weeks to 10k months
  • Change your life in 10 easy steps with this super-duper magic pill!!!

Yes, that’s the power of marketing messages. I’m not saying these programs don’t work, but the truth is that most people don’t achieve the transformation. They realise that it means putting in the work and not everyone is willing to do ‘said work’

OR that it becomes too much, too overwhelming, they try and change too many things at once. I see that a lot too!

I’m here for helping women, just like you to create the change that lasts!! The kind of change that stays with you, because you don’t just change on the outside but with this practice, that something on the inside shifts in you too.

The kind of transformation where you change your identity, you no longer practice the things that you do because of the external outcome, you get to detach from the outcome and the practice just becomes part of who you are!! 

These are the real steps to lasting change:

  1. Clarity – What is the main thing/s you want to change. The things that if you changed first would make everything else feel easier or irrelevant. Don’t try and change too much at once, focus on 1-4 main items, 4 max!! For example, my main focus points are with my body goals, my business and being present and connected with my family!! Sure other things come into life and I have to address them, but it’s these main points that I work on creating habits around.
  2. Purpose – Why is it important to you? What will it mean for you when this thing changes? Why is that important that you change it? What are the consequences of this NOT changing? Who else is this change going to impact?
  3. Pause – Pause regularly to reflect and constantly review. I know how busy you are already, I know how hard it is to fit in all of the big ambitions you have right now. BUT it’s the inability to pause, stop and break this all down is where you keep on getting stuck in the overwhelm and the never-ending cycle of being busy and yet never actually making any progress towards your goals.
  4. Intention – Being intentional means being clear with yourself on what it’s going to take to create the change. To ask what’s the habit that you get to create. Break it down and get clear on with what you want to do each week, each day and stop just winging it and hoping that something will stick. This isn’t something that can get spoon fed to you, only YOU get to map the route on your personal journey. If you skip these steps the cycle never stops.
  5. Action – Show up and do the things that you said you were going to do. Stop waiting for a dose of motivation to come and hit you in the face, and instead start stacking the micro habits DAILY!!
  6. Consistency – Keep going!! Even when you can’t see the physical result. Keep going even when no one else is watching. Keep going even when you don’t feel like it. The time you want to give up the most is the exact time you are about to create your biggest breakthrough.

When you stop chasing the magic pill and the instant quick fix and ground your life into the basics. Thats when your life really begins to change.

This is not always easy I know, there are gonna be times when the road feels bumpy, you are gonna feel like you aren’t good enough, you ask if you are strong enough to get it done and it’s when you face those questions you have to believe in yourself enough to keep on going.

This is exactly why I created the Shine Squad. Because when you face up to the struggle and commit to your long term change it’s a whole lot easier when you have other women who have your back. Who have the belief in you when you are struggling to believe in yourself. When you do that within a supported environment with other women who are walking the trenches with you, you get spurred on by the energy of others. Women supporting women is where I get to see the magic taking place.

If you have been feeling the struggle but are ready to step up and get supported because your are here to reach your goals in 2021, despite all that is going on STILL in this crazy world??

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Love Always


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