Simple Steps To Creating More Balance

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Feb 04

Striving to live a balanced life is about living with peace, fulfilment and happiness. 

In my own experience, this comes from managing my health, personal development/growth, career, money, relationships. I work to be mindful that I pay attention to each one of these areas. It’s why I added the Reality Check wheel into the Get It Together planner (or you can get the free downloadable copy of the planner HERE). This is the tool to get you to ask yourself…..

How am I doing?? How Am I feeling?

Being truthful with where you are at so you can work on the areas that may need lifting up rather than continuing to ignore that something may need addressing.

Because if one area of your life becomes out of whack (proper technical term right there) it impacts your overall feelings of balance.

I believe in working on all areas of life, though maybe true life balance is a myth? 

There will always be times when you have to move your focus and attention to one particular area to get it to the level that you want it to be. And why regularly checking in with that wheel will help you to pull other areas back into focus should they need it.

Ask yourself what it means for you to feel balanced??

For me it’s being aware of my thoughts and feelings and know that how I project myself and the actions I take, are down to my own choices. 

I’m in charge of my actions, reactions and ultimately the results that I create in my life. As are you in yours.

The acknowledgement of choice that allows us the feelings of control at a time in our lives when things feel very unsteady, and a little out of control.

I asked over on my Facebook this week what were the things that were helping my audience to feel balanced and optimistic right now.

And the answers were not big monumental life moves that were being made, it was the little things that were helping them to feel in control, to feel good and to allow them to keep on going.

I was so happy to see the beauty and simplicity of the things they were identifying as helping them the most.

The little actions such as:

Movement/working out


Morning routines

Being out in nature


Spending time with their kids

It’s like the very famous Einstein quote

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”

To feel like you are still moving in some way, be mindful of the little actions you can take.

So ask yourself what are the little things that help you to remain balanced right now. Because we are all so different and it down to you to discover what works for you, and to practice doing it.

I know it can be tough right now, but for many keeping their bodies fit and strong is one of the top things they do have control over.

Of course, I am incredibly grateful for all of my members who have been able to stay within my coaching memberships and it’s these guys that are a big part of what’s keeping me determined to keep going. All of you here that are part of my amazing tribe, you are a big part of my passion, my purpose, my WHY!

I also know that not everyone has the money right now to join my programmes, but I’m pretty damn passionate about helping to keep you guys moving and inspired too.

I have been working really hard to keep on creating free content as well as the work that I do for my paid members.

This week I have been uploading more and my most recent one today is a brand new workout that I would love you to try out. Let me know if you do it, it’s a pretty intense one!!!!

And of course, if you do use it, then please do also consider subscribing to my youtube channel, and if you are feeling super generous then to share it with your friends too. Not only does it mean that you won’t miss out on any of the free content that I create, but it also massively helps me out to keep on creating the free things too.

Have a wonderful day

Love Always


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