The End To Your Dieting Woe’s – What Is Intuitive Eating??

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Jan 26

What Is Intuitive Eating??

Intuitive eating really is the goal, it’s the dream of what it means to be
in touch with your body and in control of your eating habits and

Though I know the concept of intuitive eating also has its pitfalls.

But before we get into that I wanted to let you know about some changes I
have been making.

The first one is really that I am shifting away from the name of Online
Better Body Bootcamp

While what’s included in the program is constantly evolving I am very
conscious that my style of teaching health, fitness and nutrition has very
much evolved over the years from where it used to be when I first started
teaching the concept of Bootcamp some 12+ years ago.

It was once a space where I would be quite strict on ‘eating clean’, doing
the hiit style workouts and always giving the accountability and support to
go with that.

Now, I have more of a hybrid program that includes HIIT, strength and mobility training. The nutrition is more flexible including coaching,
supporting and nurturing you to ultimately be able to live better in your
body. I also believe that community is an essential part to the success of the program too.

It’s my goal to help you feel good in your skin!!!

So the 28 day program is now called Online Better Body Coaching.

It’s still a step by step program for the initial 28 days and then from
there I have been working on adding in more features as so many have been choosing to stay on month on month.

First off we have brand new recipe packs which will be released each month with new and exciting recipes to try out.

On top of that, I am also introducing a monthly coaching workshop. Each month there will be a health-focused topic to really help educate, inspire and keep you working towards more energy, better health and happiness with the skin you’re in.

This month I have been talking on the concept of Intuitive Eating.

But what exactly is Intuitive Eating and why is it something I believe we
all should be aiming for?

Intuitive eating is a evidenced-based mind-body approach to nutrition. It
was developed in 1995 by two dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elise Resch.

It’s composed of 10 principles that look at developing body and self
awareness, ditching the diet mentality with an aim to put a stop to the
constant yo-yo cycle and misery of dieting that so many of us (myself
included) have been on.

It allows us to look at wellness as a form of self-care and self-love
rather than being in a constant state of restriction and punishment for
eating so-called ‘bad’ foods and constantly ‘falling off track’.

Instead, we look at developing self-enquiry, awareness around food and our
behaviours and intuitively being able to listen more, and ultimately tune
in to our bodies.

However, the idea of Intuitive Eating doesn’t come without its challenges. Mainly because in our modern-day fast-paced lives we have become so incredibly out of tune with our incredible and often complex bodies.

You may well be left not knowing where to start. What real hunger feels like? Recognising physiological v’s psychological cravings, and where to get started with intuitive eating without having to overcomplicate things.

Which is why this new members training is essential starting place to consider and opens up the conversation about what intuitive eating means for you, for your body and ultimately your results.

To help you move closer to the space of feeling good around your choices around food, how you treat your body and your perception of how you frame the use of exercise and movement to enhance your life more than just being based around how you look in your bikini.

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Love Always


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