Avoid This Mindset Stumbling Block

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Jan 20

Avoid This Mindset Stumbling Block

What a week we had last week on the January Jumpstart challenge.

I had an absolute blast!!

There were tears, challenges but also some real moments of clarity for the guys that went through it.

I know not everyone made it all the way to the end and that’s ok, challenge weeks’ can be quite intense, you don’t have to beat yourself up about it or make yourself wrong. 

I have made it so that you can actually go through all of the video’s again in your own time. I have added day number one below and then each video will follow on after the last. If you want to additional resources that come with the challenge you can still register HERE and get access to those. Allow yourself to work through them without having to get all judgemental on yourself for not having completed it.

Day 1

For those that did make it through the bulk of the tasks, the comments, the breakthrough moments and those little ah ha moments of OMG I can actually do this were just incredible to see!!

We spent some time reflecting, quite a bit of time dreaming up our goals and desires, creating clarity about those dreams and then also discovering how we break down those dreams to be able to turn them into the action plan.

BUT now is the time when the real work comes into play. It’s about using these dreams and goals to drive you, but ultimately you have to take ACTION!!

Yes directing our thoughts, hopes, desires is the starting space, you get to put it out into the universe, to call it in. 

But you also have to keep that commitment with yourself too. You have to decide on the action steps that will help you get there, you have to actually follow through and show up as that person you were envisioning.

Not every day will go perfectly, sometimes it may feel hard and you won’t want to, sometimes you may doubt yourself and whether it’s all worth the effort.

In fact I hope you do get those days, because they are the ones that show you it’s working.

Because you don’t grow when everything is easy and plain sailing. 

The real growth and evolution happens in your life when the sh*t shows up,  when you face the challenges and instead of shying away and avoiding them and going back to what’s comfortable. Instead, you step up and choose to face it, to lean in, to acknowledge it and learn from it.

That is a time when you go deeper within the levels of connection to yourself, to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and be able to choose a different reaction which in turn will create a different outcome and allow you to keep on reaching and achieving more of your goals and leveling up your life.

‘A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” Franklin D Roosevelt 

You can do this, and it absolutely will be worth the work.

Love Always


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