10 Simple Steps To Help You Achieve More Of Your Goals This Year

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Jan 08

10 Simple Steps To Help You Achieve More Of Your Goals This Year

We are here, we made it to the start of a New Year, and despite all the whirlwind that is continuing to swirl around us, I genuinely believe that you can still make 2021 a breakthrough year. 

It starts with you making the decision that you want and believe that it’s possible for you too!

Here are 10 steps to take to help you make bigger steps towards your goals this year

#1 Visualise your goals 

 Before you can get your goals down onto paper you have to create a vision, a dream, and idea that will drive the direction of your goals. Doing a Dream Life Visualisation is something that I have practised for a number of years now and it’s my number one tool for focusing my mindset, gaining clarity on what it is that I want, and creating my own inspiration and motivation. Watch the video below and follow this first step and listen to this guided dream life visualisation.

#2 – Write them down and then look at them daily

Once you have started to cultivate your vision and dream, get those ideas, hopes and desires down onto paper. If you haven’t already you can download the Get It Together girl life planner and open up the page of the dream life map. Here you can place your ideas across the different categories and have a brainstorming session about the visions, thoughts and images that came up for you in the visualisation. 

Then when you have started to break these down into your goals, write them out again daily and really sink them into your conscious mind, and remind yourself of them ever darn day. In the new 12 month hard copy planner, I have created a space for you to be able to write your goals in each and every day so that it’s always at the forefront of your mind. It becomes your guiding light, your north star, your reminder around why you are doing what you are doing.

#3 – Decide on the action steps that will take you there

Once you have your dream, you then get to ask yourself what gets to happen to make that dream come to life. What goals would you need to set for yourself to make that happen?

So if the dream is to have financial freedom, then action steps that you may consider to get you there are to; start saving regularly, find ways to increase earnings, create a budget to reduce unnecessary overspending, learn about smart investing.

If the dream is to be in the best shape of your life where you feel amazing in your body, your energy and confidence is through the roof and you feel fit, vibrant and alive.

Then your action steps may be to take the time to eat healthy nutritious foods, to move your body in a way that you enjoy, to join a program or a group and get some support (maybe one like the Better Body Bootcamp of course)

#4 Break them down into a plan with benchmarks to outline your strategy

Setting yourself benchmarks and targets will help to keep you motivated, accountable and measure your progress to see if the action steps you are setting yourself are creating the results that you desire. Give your goals a timeline and a target date.

#5 Write down 3 action steps to do each day that will help you move towards your goal

This is committing to doing the things that are going to help you to move the needle the most. Prioritise 3 most important things each day and then anything else you get done is just an added bonus. Again there are spaces in the Get It Together planner that are highlighted at the top of the page to help you list out these daily action steps.

#6 Actually take action on the above action steps

All of the dreaming and planning in the world means nothing if you don’t actually take any action on it. Do the things that you said you were going to do!

#7 Surround yourself with people who are also going after their goals

Not everybody will be going after their goals, some people will be ok with coasting just getting by. Often these people may also tell you are crazy for wanting your dreams and goals, they want to keep you in the same space as they are. If you want to get after your goals there is no better inspiration than surrounding yourself with a community of people who are also going after theirs. Their energy is infectious and they remind you that your dreams and goals are worth going after.

#8 Speak about your goals in a positive manner and be proud of them

Speak about them, allow yourself to get excited about them. You speaking about your big hopes and dreams may well just inspire others too.

#9 Believe in yourself and your ability to make them happen

Believe in yourself first and foremost. Even when others may doubt you, even when the odds fall against you. If you want to truly succeed and reach those goals you must be unwavering in your faith in yourself.

#10 Reflect & Review Regularly

Things are not always going to go to plan. There is no perfect roadmap, there are going to fuck up’s and fallouts along the way. You get to constantly check in, reflect, course correct, fix what isn’t working and double down on that what is. 

I step into every single new year with the intention of giving it my all so that I can continue to go after the life of my dreams, and this year will be no different.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this determination more than ever this year. My Shine Squad members are in and already getting excited for the year that is coming. The Online Bootcamp crew and kicking it off as they mean to go on and get started this week, making the commitment straight out of the door to allow themselves to evolve this year. (Click on the links above if you are ready right now to go all-in with those guys this week and join).

Let’s not buy into the New Year, New You BS. 

We know that doesn’t work. 

You are the same person but you CAN evolve into an even greater version of you BUT only create something different. First by making a shift in your mindset and then secondly actually DOING things differently. Shifting and adapting your habits and behaviours to create the changes you want for yourself and that you want for this year.

Maybe it’s to improve your health, to have more fun, more adventure, I think we all want travel to be back in our lives this year, maybe it’s a change in career, or start that business you have been wanting to start for years, maybe it’s starting a family, maybe it’s to create more financial stability?? 

What do you want for yourself this year??

Whilst I am so hyped for my amazing team of action takers I also know that some people like to take a little time to settle into the new year. In fact, I haven’t sat down and set my goals and intentions for the year just yet either, I like to sit with them and let them ruminate a little before I commit them into my planner.

In fact more than anything I like to get back into my rhythm of the every day and back into my practices of journaling and discovery as that is when my visions really start to come to life.

I wanted to take you with me on this process to and after the amazing success of Septembers 5 Day Fix challenge, I’m coming back at you next week with a brand new January Jumpstart challenge.

This challenge is all about helping you to create your own vision, to develop that vision into your goals and map out your masterplan to help you crush your intentions and see your life soar in 2021, even if this damn pandemic continues to rage on we simply have to find a way to manage it the best you can and find your way through it all.

Because it all starts with just an idea. A little speck of imagination and to dare to dream about what is possible, then, of course, deciding to be bold enough to go after it.

So who’s coming with me and daring to dream big this year!?!?! 

CLICK HERE to register for your place on the challenge now!! And as always there are prizes on offer for those really going all in!!

Don’t miss this one, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!!

We will be covering these 10 steps and a whole lot more in a challenge that is not only tonnes of fun but is going to supercharge your motivation for the year like never before.

Now until next week, use this first week back as an opportunity to come back to the basics. Keep it simple and set your intentions for a good first week back.

Here is to the best possible 2021 for you all, I’m excited for you!

Love Always


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