How To Review Your Year To Help You Crush Your 2021 Goals

By Emma Colsey | Productivity & Planning

Dec 29

How To Review Your Year To Help You Crush Your 2021 Goals

We are in that weird part between Christmas and New Year when you have no idea what day of the week it is, and that’s a good thing, it’s what holidays and switching off are about revel in that shizzle!!

I love to use this time for reflecting back over the year that has past and being able to pull out the wins, to listen to the lessons of the year and use this as a tool for helping you to develop your goals and intentions for the year ahead.

We often hear the saying ‘don’t look back, you aren’t going that way’

And while you aren’t going that way, I feel that those who fail to look back are missing vital lessons and signals. Not allowing yourself to look back is like to sticking your head in the sand and pretending it didn’t happen.

Looking back can feel hard, especially if you don’t like what you are having to face again and look into. Yet, it’s in these moments of reflection that we learn, we choose to evolve we decide to let go and choose something different going forward. In this process of reflection, we recognise why moving forward is important to us, why it’s the only option for more growth and development to achieve more of the things you DO want going forward. 

This is what it means to create a life on purpose, to get intentional about the things, the life you want to create, rather than just mumbling your way through life, hoping that things will show up and repeating the same old cycles year after year.

So for those of you who have purchased the hard copy of the planner you can get the End Of Year Review Sheet on your free training page OR if you have been using the free printable version, you could just use the questions that follow and write them down in your journal or a notebook (and don’t forget to re-order your hard copy of the planner now and get it in time for the New Years goal setting sessions I have coming up in a few weeks CLICK HERE to order your hard copy

So here is how I like to review my year, and I invite you to do the same if you are going to get serious about making 2021 the best you possibly can. I know it may feel very uncertain about what 2021 may bring us but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your hopes and dreams. 

Whilst 2020 was incredibly hard on so many levels I know there are some who still managed to achieve great things. All is not lost, hope can still live and it lives when it starts with you.

#1 The Highlights

Now with this one, I don’t mean to be insensitive to those that have had the toughest year of their lives. I know so many have lost jobs and loved ones and a whole lot more. But I actually believe that it’s those that had it the hardest this year that get to look for the wins the most. Even the smallest of wins like creating a deeper connection with those that you love, or realising your own strength and resilience of getting through hard times.

Your wins no matter how big or small get to be recognised. Because it’s those wins that shape your belief system, your confidence and establish your motivation and focus going forward. They are the things that remind you just what you were capable of this year when your back was really against the wall.

So cast your mind back over the year and ask yourself what were some of the wins, when did you do a good job, when did you hold it together when life felt really tough, what did you still manage to achieve?

This is where using a yearly planner really comes into its own. As you don’t just have to rely on your memory as we all know memory is not always so reliant. If you are tracking and recording your wins week on week, month on month, you get to clearly see that you probably achieve so much more that you may have otherwise given yourself credit for.

# 2 The Fuzz Factor

I like to think of these as the moments of realisation. The things that connect with you on a soul level that says ‘HELL YES’ this is what I am meant to be doing more of in my life. This is what feels amazing to me and that my heart is searching for more of and I simply must create more of this in my life.

On a normal year travel and retreats usually feature high for me in this category. Of course, they weren’t exactly possible. This year it meant leaning into the more simplistic things of what it means for me to have meaning and purpose in my life.

It was walking to the top of a mountain with my family and watching the sunset.

It was the building and development of the Shine Squad as a community that really came into its own was such an important support tool not only for the members but for me to remain focused and to keep on serving, learning and sharing all that I come to learn with the amazing ladies within this group.

It was the reminder that when life felt crazy when it felt turbulent that I could always ground myself into the foundations of the basics. The basics with health, with mindset, with basic habits that really bring me the stability that I get to create for myself. It also came from the reminder that I love teaching health and fitness and the resurrection of the Online Bootcamp which is going to be here to stay!!

What were the fuzz factor moments for you?? What’s guiding you and calling you to come back to and create more of? Allow yourself to feel into those and recognise their relevance as you start to consider 2021 and what you want for your life going forward.

#3 Make The Cut

What are the things that this year you realised you need to let go of? The things or even people that are no longer working to make your life better?

Maybe these are things that you get to phase out gradually, then there are others that you just need to make the decision that you are no longer available for and they get to be cut immediately. This is making the decision that you know you are worthy and deserve better.

For me in this category ‘self-doubt’ is always an area that I work on reducing and letting go of. I’m human and so at times it does creep in, yet I know that every year by doing this process of reflection it becomes less and less relevant in the direction and results for my life.

The other one that I am going to be gradually phasing out, is some, (ok a lot) of the admin work. I still do EVERYTHING within my business on my own. Of course, I have my amazing support coach Charley who really does do wonders in the Shine Squad community, I love you girl and so damn grateful for you. BUT this year I will be at the stage where I need to get more help with continuing to run my business and help it to grow. I will be looking for an admin assistant in the not too distant future.

So what gets to make the cut for you?? Or what are you going to add into your 2021 plan and goal setting to phase out?

#4 Lessons Learnt

This is where you get to pull out the lessons from this year. It’s not just about turning them around into the positives, I know this year was rough going. But you find your strength, you allow yourself to grow when you stop and ask yourself what this year taught you.

Because if you don’t learn the lessons, you run the risk of repeating the same things over again and never end up with a different result. In order to create change, you have to allow those lessons to sink in, to learn them and create something different for the year that is coming.

What did you learn about yourself this year, life, the world?!?! Look at it in terms of lessons that leant into your strengths. Which lessons highlighted some weaknesses for you? Which brought about threats? Which showed you potential opportunities?

When you recognise these lessons they can help you shape how you set goals for 2021.

I really hope you will take the time to do this, to write these reflections down. Keep them somewhere safe so that you can come back to them. To use them as your fuel, your motivation, your guide for creating your best life.

I know the truth is that most people won’t bother to do this. It takes time, maybe it seems irrelevant to you and your life.

But the ones that do….. Those will be the people who you see changing the game for 2021 and going on to create something amazing. Which one will you be???

For those that do take the time to do this work, I’ll look forward to hearing from you in Jan as I have some 2021 goal setting work coming your way very soon.

Know that your 1% improvements compound into something magnificent

I hope you have a wonderful New Year celebrations

Love Always


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