Start The New Month With Clarity & Focus. Here’s How

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Nov 30

Start The New Month With Clarity & Focus. Here’s How

Finish Strong vibes got me all fired up this morning, as I have been so hyped to kick off the challenge with an amazing group of ladies this week.

That’s what comes when you get intentional about creating clarity and focus in your life. 

I spent last night with my Finish Strong workbook going through all of the sections and getting crystal clear on my vision, what I want to achieve, how I want to feel. And what I get to do each day in order to bring that into my reality.

As a result, I bounced out of bed and felt so excited and fired up for the day. Ok, so I’m pretty high vibe most of the time but this work brings it to the next level.

Often people tell me that they struggle with motivation. Motivation is not something that you wait for it to come and find you. Motivation is something that you have to create for yourself.

This starts with clarity.

As we get ready to step into December, take some time to reflect on what happened in November. Heck this is what the Get It Together Girl planner is designed to help you with. To help you pull out the answers to ask you to consider what you get to do differently. 

So go and print out your end of month review now, or for those of you that already have the hard copy, go and fill in the damn page and set your intentions for the month of December.

Be clear with yourself. 

What is the exact outcome you want to achieve??

Why is this important to you?

Who do you get to become in order to achieve this?? What are the daily steps required to make it happen??

Get excited about what you can still achieve this month, get up out of bed each morning and step into action and be fuelled by the possibilities and get excited about the idea of accomplishing your goals.

I hope you will use this, to actually follow through with doing this work and use it to set you off to have a really great start to the week.

If you have been struggling to get into the rhythm of using the planner still, be sure to check out this video with some steps on how you can make it a consistent habit. Any habit can take a little bit of focus and intention to make as a habit. But once it’s there, that’s when the game changes.

My daily practise of journaling and using the planner is where I create my fire and motivation each and every day. These two tools have completely transformed my life to help me feel more motivated, more productive, more positive and make me feel like I have my sh*t together (well at least most of the time, no-one is perfect and certainly not me)

Make this week a good one

Love Always


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