Are You READY To Live Your Dream Life

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Nov 27

Do you know what your ideal life actually looks like?

Do you ever stop and consider that if everything in your life was to fall into place, just how you have always wanted, what would that look like, how would that feel, how would things be different for you?

If you have, then my question is…… what is stopping you from moving towards that right now?!?!

Maybe you took some more small steps towards that this year, maybe this year made you really reconsider what is actually important.

For most people, it may seem like a ludicrous time to start working on those goals and dreams. 

Before the Christmas holidays when most people are winding down!?! What madness are you even talking about!?!

But you were not put here to be like ‘most’ people. I know that because you are here on this email list, and you are not here by accident. 

You are here because I know you were put here to do great things, you feel that constant tug on your heart that you know you could be doing better, feeling better, having more success and more fun along the way.

I’m not talking about being a millionaire, or having great fame (though those are awesome if that’s what you are going for). But what I’m talking about is the simplicity of living a life on purpose, one that feels connected, filled with passion, happiness, joy and more freedom to do the things that you want to do.

For the past 6 years or so, I have gotten up in the morning and I write out in my journal what that will look like, what it will feel like and create the picture of what I want to create in my life.

This then becomes the fuel that helps me step into the day to take action, to live, to love!!

My dream life is constantly a work in progress, but it’s this work that has me living in the French Alps and getting ready for the second part of our  house renovation that will be the dream house. 

It’s this work that took my marriage from the verge of divorce to a place where we have never been closer or more connected as a couple and a family unit. (Sure I’m still working on trying to get my kids to actually behave themselves but you know you can keep dreaming and working on these things).

It’s this work that has helped us to basically rebuild our lives more or less from scratch over the last 4 years.

I don’t claim to be perfect, or have it all completely figured out BUT life is freaking good and I’m excited and loving the life I life and that’s what I want for you too.

Don’t wait for the start of a new week, don’t wait for the start of a new year. If you really want to go after and achieve your goals (for real this time) then right now is the perfect time to get going.

Because when you create this clarity, when you start making the steps before the new year is with us. Then you give yourself the biggest head start to 2021!!!

Because my goodness if you can get through this year, then just imagine what is possible for you when we do finally get to navigate some form of normality.

Make 2020 the year you decided to trust in yourself

The year you decided to go deep within and use the lessons from this year to kick start the next level of your life journey

The year you got started on developing the path to your own dream life.

So what’s stopping you from showing up??

What’s stopping you from taking the action??

On my own journey fear of failure, fear of not being enough, not feeling good enough, wondering who the hell I am to think I can live the life of my dreams.

But I broke through all of this by getting super clear on my vision, on my reasons why, to tap into my passions and purpose and use that to fuel an unstoppable mindset

And this is why I am so damn passionate about this because I know that you too can do the same, and I am hyped to show you how.

If little ole me from the northwest of the UK, who is naturally insecure, can’t spell for sh*t, not all that bright can keep on going after my own dreams and reaching new heights then you sure as hell can too.

The Finish Strong Challenge is the perfect place to help you realise your own vision and support you in creating the steps to bring those dreams to life.

The time is now to start believing in yourself and doing what you know it will take.

We start this coming Monday and I want YOU in there with us.

Are you ready to level it up?? I mean really ready, because I will be 100% honest it’s not for everyone.

You will have to commit to doing the work and setting aside a couple of hours a week to create this clarity and to take the action. And before you tell yourself you don’t have that amount of time. Just pop on your phone and check how much time you are currently spending just scrolling on social media!!

What if you used that same time to delve into the development of yourself instead? How could your life and your results be different?

For those that are ready to make that commitment

CLICK HERE to join us on the Finish Strong challenge as we get ready to go all in!!.

Love Always


PS – Don’t forget that those joining in on the challenge also get access to the Better Body Bootcamp as well as the challenge work.

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