2020 Is NOT Cancelled!!

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Nov 19

What If 2020 Isn’t Cancelled!!

We are now heading towards the final part of 2020 and while many of you may well be thinking ‘well thank f*ck for that’ I know a lot of people will be incredibly happy to see the back of it. 

Yet I’m urging you………don’t completely write it off just yet! What if you decided that this year is NOT cancelled?

Whilst I’m pretty sure that if you look back at your goals and intentions from the beginning of the 2020 I can probably guarantee that not that much of it turned out like you had planned??

But I’m also pretty certain that this year has brought you many lessons, it’s probably forced you into places of incredible discomfort and as a result that in itself is the thing that often drives transformation.

I think this poem really sums that up:

How many of you have now shifted your priorities? Has this year given you a different perspective that you just wasn’t able to see or even didn’t consider??

‘The toughest times you will ever face will ruin you, or they will bring out the best in you’

I feel that on the other side of the challenges that we have faced this year, we will all change in some way and I believe that will be a change for the better as we are forced to readjust.

And it’s with this mindset I want you to consider what would be possible if you decided to not give up on this year just yet? Not everything is CANCELLED!!

Family is not cancelled

Love is not cancelled

Learning and development is not cancelled

Kindness is not cancelled

Your dreams are not cancelled (maybe just taking a little detour)

Connection and conversations are not cancelled

Hope is not cancelled

Taking care of yourself and improving your health is not cancelled

So sure there are many things we cannot do BUT what if you chose to focus this final part of the year on what you CAN do.

What CAN you put in place, what can you take action on and apply what CAN you feel good about achieving, or at the very least know you are heading back in the right direction as we get ready to step into 2021???

I’m pretty hyped to announce that the  Finish Strong Challenge is back!!! 

To finish the year with some intention, focus and to pull out even the smallest of things that can help you to feel good.

To figure out and actually prioritise the things that are important to you right now, the things that help you feel balanced and positive towards where your life is heading.

To help you end out this year with a sense of achievement of not just making it through the biggest plot twist of your entire life, but the be able to look back and see how 2020 was actually the making of you.

Come and join me and a group of awesome high vibe like-minded women, honestly, these ladies are something else. They are like the super supportive besties you have always wanted, they are your cheerleaders, who have a range of knowledge and experiences because they are all there in it with you. Along with the tools and accountability, the Shine Squad become your own personal cheer squad.

Imagine what could happen for you if you dropped the excuses and the negative self-talk, instead, you started to face your fears, to take action, to get things DONE and start believing in yourself like never before!! To go all-in and Finishing the year on a high!!

I want to challenge you to create more results, more success and show you what you need to do, the steps you need to take to get into massive action and step into the life you say you want to live, yes even in the mother of all years.

I’m continuing to delve in, to keep on taking those steps forward and I’m inviting you to come and join me in the Finish Stong Challenge. 21 days where we all go in with our priority goals and bring them into sight before the year is out.

PLUS as always I have some incredible prizes to give away. I LOVE being able to give back to you guys.

For this years prizes, you could be in the chance of winning:

1st place – A place on Revive Retreat retreat worth £547

2nd Place – 12 Month Shine Squad Membership worth £684

3rd Place – One Month VIP 1-2-1 Coaching worth £357

Runners up prizes of Get It Together Girl Planners

3 x Year Long Planners £25 each

3 x 90 Day Planners £12.99 each

CLICK HERE now for full details, or hit reply if you have questions. The challenge commences on Monday 30th November so sign up NOW and get access to all of the prep work and be in a space to give this your all.

PLUS this year you will also get access to the Better Body Bootcamp inclusive of the challenge. Where you can get the step bu step guidance to transform your body goals PLUS you also get 3 x weekly live online workouts with me as well as the bonus coaching calls from within my coaching group.

Join us now as the Shine Squad tribe is going to be making moves.

Are you in?? JOIN HERE

Love Always


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