10 Top Tips To Help You Stay Motivated To Workout From Home

By Emma Colsey | Body

Nov 05

10 Top Tips For Helping You To Stay Motivated To Workout From Home

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Most of us (at least in parts of Europe) are now staring down the barrel of a second lockdown. The gyms have been forced to close and we have to revert back to exercising from our living rooms once again.

I actually love working out from home. Even though I used to run a fitness facility myself I still chose home workouts. As work from home business owner, who also had two young children scurrying around at my feet, it was just more convenient so it became a habit that I got into. 

There was no need for childcare, no time wasted travelling to and from the gym, you don’t have to stand around engaging and getting distracted in idle small talk (I’m an outgoing introvert, I love people, but I also love being alone), I could just get down on my mat, get the job done and sweat it out. I became somewhat of a fan of being able to work out in my pyjama’s.

One of the biggest barriers I hear from my audience about not working out is due to out is lack of time. Working out from home removes that barrier. I don’t care who you are, or how busy you tell yourself you are, everyone can take the time to set aside thirty minutes of their day to do a workout.

Even now as my kids have gotten that bit older, I now struggle to get out to a yoga class for these same reasons, I just can’t handle the wasted time going to and from a session. My time is precious and I place a very high value on it. I now am incredibly grateful to have kitted out a home gym which I love more than anything. 

But I know this is not something that comes naturally to a lot of people, nor is having a complete home gym set up an option until you know you are fully committed to making home workouts work for you. It just came naturally for me to pull out a selection of exercises and create myself a workout on the spot, get it done and then be able to get on with my day, I’m a fitness coach that’s what I spend my life doing.

But if you are the type of person who is left feeling that home workouts are just not your thing, I wanted to share some top tips to help you remain motivated to workout from home and prevent that quarantine 15 this time around.

#1 Set Some Goals 

There is an incredible amount of research out there that shows us that goal-setting works, it’s been used successfully over the past 30 years in business settings. Within the last decade or so we are now starting to see how setting goals can positively impact a persons ability to achieve health and fitness-related targets too. 

I thrive on having clarity over what I want to achieve, creating a plan for how to get there is the most powerful tool in boosting motivation and sustaining will power. A big part of it is not even in achieving the goal, but more about finding enjoyment in the journey to getting there. Establishing clarity on what you want and connecting to the reason why you want something is motivation 101. I go a lot deeper into my own goal-setting system within the Get Your Sh*t Together life planner system and training video’s. If you want to learn more about the power of goal setting and learning my system, you can learn more HERE.

#2 Know Yourself 

 What type of personality are you? What are the things that make you stick with something?? What are the things that make you fall off track? 

Look at your strengths in other areas of your life and see how you can apply this to your home workout regime. It’s likely that you already know the things that help you to stay on track, do more of those things. Likewise, you probably know what it is that usually sends you off the rails, look at how you can reduce those ones. 

What style of workout do you enjoy doing the most? Because if you hate every second of the session you are doing, it will be really hard to motivate yourself to stick with it.

Take a moment to acknowledge what those things are. Ask yourself what you get to put in place that is going to help you to stay on track (like some more of the suggestions below), and how to remove the ones that limit or block you. We all have such different life demands and needs, so getting to know yourself better is what is going to help you maintain your motivation for the long run.

#3 Timing Is Everything  - Or Is It?

Yes, there is information and articles out there which will tell you the optimum time to workout, an article in time magazine suggests that “Working out in the morning — especially on an empty stomach— is the best way to burn stored fat, making it ideal for weight loss”. Yet on the flip side research shows that you get better strength and muscle gains when you workout in the evenings.

I believe the most effective time of day for YOU to workout reverts back to point number two. It’s in getting to know yourself. What time of day you are most likely to get it done? When will your will power is the strongest and when you can create the time to do it?

Decide when it the optimal time for you and then move onto the next tip.

#4 Create a schedule 

Select your workouts in advance, decide which day you will do them on, at what time and what your session will include. Know what you are doing in advance, don’t just leave it to chance. Go in search of a workout before you actuall step up to do it. Have your sessions already selected so you are ready to go. Block it out the time your day and set it as a priority as though it’s an important meeting you get to have with yourself.

#5 Track your progress and build in a reward system. 

This comes back in line with your goal setting. Seeing progress can be a huge motivator, knowing that you are going in the right direction and moving towards your goals. Set yourself goals that are measurable and then track your progress along the way. 

Reward yourself for hitting milestones or being consistent, but do NOT a reward system that includes food. What else could you choose to reward yourself with that would make you feel good and give you the boost to keep on going?

#6 Music To Shift Your Vibe

Music is a powerful motivator, I have some of my best workouts when a good song comes on. Get on some banging tunes if you want to work hard and time relaxing music for your stretching or mobility work. Studies show that not only does music have the power to improve performance, but it can also lower your rate of perceived exertion (the level at how you rate the intensity).

I love nothing more than some old school trance classics to fire up my workouts, and some binaural beats for when I am stretching or doing mobility work. Create some playlists of your favourite tunes and use them to get you in your workout flow state.

#7 Create a designated workout space

Maybe you have a spare room in your house, and it’s likely that right now you may not have many visitors coming. Could you clear out some space, get yourself a mat and some basic home workout equipment? Have your mat already laid out, your TV or laptop set up is all you really need to get started and having it there out and ready to go at any time can mean you are more likely to make use of it. 

You don’t actually need any equipment at all to get started, just you, your mat and the decision to make this work.

#8 Manage Your Mindset

The words you tell yourself have the power to create your actions. Tell yourself that you don’t like working out from home, then that is exactly what you will begin to experience. Changing your mindset, your thoughts and how you speak about exercise massively influences the actions that you take. 

This is about creating a shift in your identity as you now speak about and think about becoming the person that works out regularly no matter where you have to do it, you just get it done! Decide that you are now choosing to be that person who workouts from home, that you are committing to doing it, then that is what you will start to experience. 

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

#9 Lay Out your workout clothes the night before. 

This may seem like a really small thing, but if they are there ready and waiting as your reminder that today you said you would do it. You put them on, it becomes that reminder but also it’s one more step to reduce the resistance. If you are dressed for the occasion, you may as well just get it done, right?

#10 Get Some Accountability

 Become a part of an online community that prioritises health or get a buddy to become your accountability partner. There is real value in getting a text from ya mate that says ‘have just done my workout, have you got yours in the bag yet?’

Or if you want to take that accountability one layer deeper then consider joining a program where you have a whole group of people to help keep you on track. Of course, at this point I have to give a shoutout my amazing (if I do say so myself) Online Better Body Bootcamp CLICK HERE to find out more. Here I run live zoom sessions where I can be there and workout with your virtually with a group of other goal getting women.

So there you have 10 strategies to help you get started. And if you see below you can also check out my Youtube page that has follow along home workouts for you to do for free. Be sure to hit subscribe so that you don’t miss any new workouts or trainings that get uploaded.

Gyms, fitness studio’s and communities will always have a place, because people matter, social interaction matters. But at a time when we don’t have access to that, finding your rhythm with home workouts can be a huge support to your health, your immune system, but also your sanity.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and if you found this content useful then please do consider sharing it. Helping this content to reach more people really helps me to share more free content that will help you too.

I really appreciate your support.

Love Always


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