Self-Love Got Me Fat!

By Emma Colsey | Body

Oct 31

Self Love Got Me Fat!

Ok so that title was a little click baity #sorrynotsorry, it got you to open up, right??

But I Have To Be Honest with you, I’ve Gained Some Weight!!

Since moving out to France four years ago the weight has gradually crept on, and I’m a good stone and a half heavier than when I moved here.

A combination of not teaching fitness as much as I used to and so I’m not as fit as I was despite still being very active, plus the fact I love beer, and well you know, living in the land of cheese and fresh french baguettes!!

But it’s not really just about the food, or having a more relaxed lifestyle. It’s also come from a shift within me. You see I stopped hating on my body the way I had been doing for years and years, I am probably more confident in my own skin than I have ever been and so this had lead to being more relaxed with my eating and not giving myself such a hard time. 

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I felt it import to share a little reality check on this fine Friday #normalizenormalbodies I was working out in just my bra top. Not a common thing for me, I certainly wouldn’t workout in public like this, (I basically was trying to cut down on the amount of laundry #mumlife) BUT I felt it important to share as I felt a moment of pride in my body, love handles and all Part of protecting your mental and emotional health when on social media is remembering to stop comparing yourself to others Most of what you see on here is often posed, and let me tell you position one was really freaking hard to hold 🤣🤣 Twisting out my hip, lifting my chest to elongate my body whilst sucking in my gut. That’s is NOT normal!! Sure we all want to look and feel our best, just don’t do that for anyone else’s benefit other than your own and that of your health and wellbeing. Choose that which makes YOU feel good, choose to love and care for your amazing body, choose the things that truly make you happy. Which I can assure you is not found in beating yourself up in self comparison.

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It’s been a beautiful shift BUT if I was truly being honest with myself, it’s now tipping beyond the point where I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Sure, I still feel fit and strong but my body just doesn’t feel as good as it once did and my clothes don’t fit as well, my stomach has been feeling bloated and my digestive system is very grumbly and my face feels puffy. I just know I could be doing and feeling better.

If you have felt the same recently, know that it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated in coming back to the feel good. It’s very much about reminding yourself of the basics, applying the things that you already know you should be doing. Coming back to your healthy habits and just having a little more intention and focus to come back to a space of feeling better in your body again.

This is what the Better Body Bootcamp is all about and I’m excited to be going all in with you guys too.

28 days to reducing the bloating, increasing your energy and your fitness levels and get back to feeling better in your clothes again for just £47.

And doing it whilst coming from a place of love and appreciation for your amazing body. Wanting to nurture and support it rather than going in with restriction and punishment.

Yes, it’s going to take a little bit of focus and extra work BUT we are going to be all in this together.

I have run this format hundred and hundreds of times before with hundreds of different women and it works every single time. Some women being able to drop of up to 10lb in just 28 days!!!

It’s not just about the weight loss though, and it’s ALL about the feelgood. Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, all are beautiful in their own unique way and ‘health’ is not defined by the way a body looks. I want you to tap into how your body feels!!!

Self-love can come from accepting all that you are, knowing that your worth is not determined by the way your body looks.

Just don’t use self-love as a reason to fill your body with crap and practise unhealthy habits, which was the mindset I could often be in. On the flip side don’t lose weight to try and fit into any other persons ‘ideal’ or what you believe society thinks you should look like.

Be really honest with yourself and ask, do you feel good?

Do you feel energised?

Are you free from ailments?

Can you keep up with all of the things that you want to fit into your best life??

Is your emotional energy balanced?

Can you enjoy food without feeling the need to obsess over it?

If so, awesome. Keep on doing that.

If not, then allow yourself to focus on your health, but doing it from a place of love and knowing you are worthy of allowing yourself to feel good from the inside out. 

Wanting to improve your health and potentially release a few pounds doesn’t mean you hate yourself, it just means you are ready to step into your most vibrant, healthiest, next level of the most badass awesome queen you were put on this earth to be.

If you are feeling ready to take that next step and want the exact system I am going to be following. Join us this coming Monday on the Better Body Bootcamp. 

CLICK HERE and join today as I am starting the preparation work to make sure you are all ready and rearing to go come Monday. 

Find the  full details HERE or drop me a message if you have any questions, I’m so excited to get going.

Love Always


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