4 Steps To Take When You Feel The Overwhelm Rise

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Oct 27

I got those post-holiday feels. I know for many people that means coming back with the holiday blues, but for me, I always come back with an air of vibrance and kickass to my week ahead!!

Coming back from time out, can often feel overwhelming and I won’t lie, there have certainly been moments when I have felt it creeping in.

The thoughts of all the things I need to get done #brexit, all the ideas I have, catching up on some training I signed up for, all the new content I want to create for my members, getting my fitness and eating back on track PLUS adding on the fact that newer restrictions mean I am now no longer to teach my indoor fitness sessions again so have to figure out how I can make up that lost income, left me feeling like I had a LOT on my plate this week.

Oh and add on the fact that the kids are still off school this week too.

I know that there are so many of you out there that have these moments of overwhelm too, where it can feel like there is so much to get done, yet it cripples you into doing…. Well, nothing at all.

The coronacosta of ups and downs has still got us all in a spin this year, and it’s not over yet.

I do believe though, that this year is really here to show us all just what we are made of. And I know you are made of stronger stuff!!

So in a bid to help you overcome the overwhelm when it arrises for you, here are some of the steps that I use to keep it at bay. These simple steps help me to manage stress levels, stay effective, but also feeling happy and energised rather than drained and wiped out. It’s only when you can release the overwhelm, that you can step back into action.

My work on my mindset and with my energy levels will ALWAYS start with taking a big long deep breath, or maybe even five.

When you are up in your head and your heart is beating fast you feel rushed, you feel the pressure it can be hard to think logically.

When you calm the body slow the breathing rate you allow yourself to get out of your head and into the body.

Its the feeling of being all stuck up in your head that you get lost, yet when you step into the body you get to remind yourself that you are safe, you are ok, and everything, yes everything as Marie Forleo would tell us is ‘Figureoutable’.

Step #1 – Lay it all out

What has been bugging you that needs to get done? What are the things that are causing you to get overwhelmed? 

Write it all out, get it out of your head and onto paper, or a word document, or even in the notes section of your phone. Stop the whirring around and get it out so that it’s clear for you to see the things that are currently just feeling too much.

Step #2 – Prioritise

When you think about all of the things that apparently ‘need’ to be done. Which ones are actually essential?? The things that are most important and have a sense of urgency to them. Go through your list and either number them, with 1 being the most important and scale downwards, or even easier is to mark the important ones with a star, a circle or highlight.

Step #3 – Eat The Frog

Often we know the thing that is most important and it’s part of human nature to put that thing off, yet it’s still there nagging at you in the back of your mind. There is a concept, in fact it’s an entire book called Eat That Frog. It’s all about overcoming procrastination, overwhelm and getting things done by getting the big important things out of the way first.

So that one thing that you keep on putting off, get that thing done first, Eat That Frog. Get it done earlier in the day if you can so that it’s done and out of the way. Notice how good it feels to get that thing DONE!! Really recognise that feeling, because that is what will motivate you to keep on going to the next thing.

Step #4 – Keep On Stepping

Once you have that big task done, it’s out of the way, you just get to keep on stepping. 

Everything starts with that first action, you just then get to keep on going one little step at a time. You don’t have to get everything done at once, you can start with just committing to 15-minute bursts of getting things done, start to develop the habit of ‘done’ and build on it one little step at a time.

A good example of the little and often method in my household is aiming to put in at least one load of washing per day. I try and get it done first thing so it doesn’t screw up my day, but that doesn’t always happen. See I hate doing laundry and with a family of 4, it seems like a never-ending pile BUT in committing to doing at least one load a day it helps me to keep on top of it, rather than spending the whole weekend doing it. Though I won’t lie, that does still happen from time to time.

Keep checking back on your list and getting more items off it, without always feeling the need to add more on.

Ask yourself what is the habit I could practice (the tiny step) that would help me to stay ‘on top’ of this item?

Do one thing each day that helps you to keep on moving forward.

Remember that your feelings and emotions are your guides. So instead of judging them, feeling guilty or bad about having them or telling yourself that you are not enough of anything. Allow yourself to notice them, accept them and to release them. 

Ask yourself what this feeling is here to guide me towards?

You can choose to release the feelings of stress and worry, you are just one person and you get to keep on stepping up and doing your best each day.

When you feel them rise, repeat this mantra.

I see you

I thank you

I release you.

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Love Always


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