Is Coaching Worth The Money?

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Sep 22

Is Coaching Worth The Money?

I have always had big ambitions dreams and goals, even from a young age I became hooked on the idea of continual improvement. In search of becoming the best possible version of myself, I would class myself as something of a self-confessed self-development junkie and I was constantly looking to others for how I could get to where I wanted to be at a faster pace.

I can’t even count up all the money I have invested in courses, education, mentoring and coaching not to mention all of the books, workshops and live events that I have been on to learn, grow and develop myself, my health, my business and my mindset.

At a guess, it would be somewhere in the region of the £50,00-£60,000 over the last ten years. That is a whole lot of moolah where I come from, heck that is a pretty significant down payment on a house.

Some coaching packages were bought outright, but much of it was put onto credit cards and it left me with a whole load of debt to go with it.

The coaching industry is currently booming, then add a global pandemic on top of that and more people are turning to the internet to support themselves. “The global e-learning market, which mainly involves online coaching and digital learning platforms, is expected to reach a combined value of more than $325 billion by 2025’ according to this article in Entrepreneur

That figure is pretty exciting to me. What a time to be alive!!! There is the opportunity to learn anything you want, and it’s all at our fingertips. And for those looking to offer services, this can also be done from your kitchen table, you don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to.

Coaching comes in many forms whether it’s health coaching, dog training, language training, spiritual coaching, writing coaching to business coaches. Anything you want to learn about, you can find a coach or course that will give you the tools, support and short cuts to help you get there in a quicker less stressful way than having to go it alone.

So in answer to the original question, is coaching worth the money? I wholeheartedly say YES!! 

I don’t regret a single penny of my investments because I know I have used so much of what I have learnt to enrich my life, my mindset and of course to teach me the tools I have come to get my business and my life to where it is today.

Without all of the work I have done with my own coaches, I’m not sure I would have had the balls to up sticks, sell a business that I loved and move to a country where I didn’t speak the language. All in the name of self growth, and living my best life. I have also experienced such a massive transformation in my own self-confidence and belief as a result of the coaching and the internal mindset work it has lead me on. It has been worth every cent I have invested.

So while I believe in the power and the value of coaching, we all need support, feedback, someone who has our back and can help to open us to the blind spots that we just can’t see for ourselves. However, I do feel it comes with a little warning disclaimer so that anyone reading this can make a more informed decision on whether coaching is the right step for you. How to choose the right coach and to decide what is the level of a financial investment you are really ready to make.

What’s The Cost?

There is a whole host of coaches offering super high-end experiences and services and promising the dream to people who probably shouldn’t be investing at that level just yet.

Whilst listening to ‘You Are A Badass With Money’ by Jen Sincero and I love this book, I couldn’t help but feel my insides twist a little as she was telling the story of where she slapped $80,000 on a credit card for her first coach. And sidelining that story that ‘if you want to believe that you are worthy you have to invest that type of money in yourself and your growth’.

It’s this type of talk that I feel gets a little dangerous. Absolutely choose to invest in yourself, but not to the level that can put that stress and pressure on yourself that you could also potentially stand to lose everything.

I have been there. I invested $15,000 dollars in a group coaching program that was only 90 days long!! Yup, $5k per month which was way more than I was earning. I was told over and over again through the sales process that if I was going to feel good enough, worthy enough to have all the things that I wanted for my life then I needed to prove that to myself, with what was for me, a massive financial investment. What a way to tap into all of my deeply rooted insecurities of never feeling as though I am enough!

Coaches and coaching services are growing in popularity there are now some really great options for those that can’t afford such a huge investment. From follow along courses to membership options. There is now something out there that can be affordable for pretty much anyone who is serious about wanting to make substantial changes within their professional and personal life.

This is the reason that I developed my own coaching services as a group membership format and created the Shine Squad. I wanted to make it that so mindset, health and self-improvement coaching was available to the masses. Available to the people who are struggling day by day, the people living normal lives, doing everyday jobs, those that I actually felt needed it the most.

I continue to this day to invest in myself, I am usually doing a course, working with a mentor or coach in some way shape or form. But I have now made the commitment to myself more recently (after doing some work to get my finances in better order) that I will no longer put anything on credit. My priority right now is about building my financial independence and getting rid of all credit (besides our mortgage that is).

If I want to work with a coach, I am committed to creating the money before I invest and not the other way around. I am choosing right now to invest in membership type programs to keep it at a more affordable rate but with still the great high-value content. I’m also the type of person who is pretty self-motivated and I like to just beaver away in the background without needing too much prompting and so this model works great for me personally right now.

When looking at the price of a program consider the type of person you are. Do you need a lot of support, accountability and someone to be totally on it with you? Then maybe one to one is the way to go.

If not and you are willing to be open with a group format, then that may be the better options for you.

How much are you financially able to invest in your growth?

How will this create a return for you? Either physically in enabling you to earn more money as a result of the coaching to improve your career, start a side hustle or learning how to be more effective with your money. Or maybe the return on your investment comes in the form of more time, more ease in your life, or in better health. What’s that end transformation going to be worth to you?

How To Choose The Right Coach?

Look for people who are actually living in the way you want to live and that have already achieved the things that you are looking to achieve in your life.

What is their family life like? How do they speak and come across? Do you vibe to their energy? Are they a good example of what you want the next level you to look like??

This is something I now look closely at, do I feel energetically connected to this person, do they use the type of language I would use? For example, I like to drop the odd ‘f’ bomb and so if you don’t like swearing, I would be a terrible fit to be your coach.

What is their family dynamic like? This may seem like a bit of an odd one, but as a parent, a wife, with a household and a business to run. I’m not saying that some coaches won’t have the skills as a coach, but I want them to have the life experience too. I want them to have gone through some of the struggles that I may be facing. Truth is as any parent will know, life changes dramatically once you have kids and that is an important factor I now look for in a coach. 

What are their core values and do they align with your own? A coach who values hustle, grind and sleep when you are dead ethos would be a terrible fit for a busy Mum who is looking to improve her business whilst also simplifying her life and improving her relationship with her husband and kids.

Is this coach someone who you would enjoy hanging out with in the real world?

Take your time, do your research. Follow the coach/mentor on all social channels, absorb and actually put to work their free content first before making a decision to put huge sum’s of money down.

In Summary

Coaching has made a monumental difference in my own life and I truly believe that hiring a coach will help you unlock more of your potential and guide you on a journey to more success.

A coach is there to save you time, give you feedback. Anything you want to achieve in your life is going to take training and practice, but with the help of a coach, you can often achieve this in a quicker and more simplified way. 

Sure you could certainly learn a lot from the millions of free resources on the internet. Even through some of the amazing articles that are available here on the world wide web. Free content however often takes up a lot of time and very often leads to overwhelm and ultimately inaction. I see coaching as a fast track. Learn the tools, learn from someone who has already been there and come out of the other side better off.

Most of all though, don’t fool yourself into thinking coaching will be the quick fix, you are still the one that has to put in the work, take on the tools and put them into action.

If you want to win in life a coach can help you get there, but ultimately it still all comes down to YOU!

Download your free Get Your Sh*t Together Life planner to overcome procrastination and overwhelm by guiding you through the strategy to getting more done, but with a lot less stress. Access some of my free tools, put them into practice. Or if you are interested in working with me as your coach then drop me a message, I would love to see if there is any way I can support you in getting started on your own self development journey.

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