How To Re-Set, Recharge & Destress. Get It Together Girl With These Self Care Rituals

By Emma Colsey | Mindset

Jul 23

What Exactly Are We Rushing Back To?

In a moment of hot sweat and a feeling of not having enough time, I noticed myself back in the space of feeling rushing through my days. Being constantly on the go and as though I’m always on the verge of being late for something.

I had to catch myself for a moment as I have noticed this feeling coming back over the last few weeks, as it’s in those moments from rushing from one place to another

Whilst we are all craving coming back to some form of normality, it actually begs the question of what are we wanting to get back too, exactly??

I really love so many aspects of how my life and my days roll out but as I’m always working on being in a space of self-awareness, I noticed this feeling creeping back in and that’s always a trigger to do something about it. 

After being in lockdown, a time when we were all forced to slow down, to stop, to gain a little perspective, to take the time to do the things that maybe we have always wanted to do but just never had the time (erm, anyone else out there feeling pretty proud of the vegetables that your have managed to grow??)

For many, this was the forced rest, possibly also unwillingly for a lot, and yet it encouraged us all to look inwards.

It was an opportunity to look at the things we wanted to be different going forward.

And as the world opens up again, how many of you have already forgotten what it was that you decided you wanted for yourself, for your life, your future??

How quickly we forget the lessons, the realisations, when it comes back to getting into our regular rhythms and routines. Truth is habits can be hard to break, and it can take a little work in the beginning, to be able to create something different. But if we want a different result it’s going to require that level of self-awareness to break the mold of our normality.

For me, I noticed a feeling of ‘I need to catch up’ on things, work, life, earning money again. Now current weekdays the kids are in kids club amongst other clubs and so I’m driving up and down the mountain, getting in as much work as I can during the week and then at weekends feeling the ‘need’ to get out and utilise our reinstated levels of freedom by ‘doing all of the things’.

I’m always conscious that I want to be living life to the fullest and yet I get to remember that this feeling of being rushed, is just that…. a feeling, the thought/internal dialog that is saying I feel rushed, like it’s out of my control. Versus remembering that I choose for my life to be full of these things because I made it that way, no one is forcing me to do any of these things.

It didn’t even come from a place of actually doing too much, it simply came from feeling like I wasn’t taking the time to rest and recover, I was back in the space of go, go, go!

This year has been a lot!!! At a time when we have been challenged in every area of our emotional capacity. Living in times of worry and uncertainty takes its toll on your emotions and mental strength. With so much to take on board, I feel that if we are to move forward with the grace, flow and happiness that we all want to achieve in our lives, it has to come from a space of also being able to prioritise downtime and self-care. 

This means actual time out physically, mentally and managing emotions. Making sure you are getting enough sleep, but also taking the time to check in with yourself, with your thoughts, how you are feeling on a more regular basis

I love to create this connection with myself through journaling, meditation and using my planner, it’s a daily practice that I really feel the difference in my mood, attention and focus on the days when I don’t do it.

It’s from a place of stillness and contemplation where we find that connection to our inner wisdom, something from deeper within that goes beyond the constant whirring of the monkey brain. Here you get to discover that you already have so many of the answers within you, you don’t need to keep on seeking from external sources.

It’s in the moments of stillness is where you find your power. And yet in today’s modern fast-paced world we can find it so hard to slow down, to take space. Instead, we feel the need to hustle, grind, be on the go ALL of the time. 

And yes I do believe in an element of hustle. If you want to achieve great things in life there will be times when we have to go the extra mile, to go all in, to dig deeper into the reserves of our grit and resilience, to do things that maybe others aren’t willing to.

Yet you can only actually sustain those levels of push, when you also prioritise the moments of stillness, recovery and taking a moment to just ‘be’. I like to frame it as a ‘push and breathe’ and both components go hand in hand if you want to succeed whilst also enjoy your life at the same time.

There is no point in achieving all of your goals, being super successful if you are also miserable as fuck!

So when you start to practice too much push, without the breath, you feel irritable, lacking concentration, losing focus, feeling tired or just noticing yourself shifting to a space of being a grumpy ass b!tch 

Instead, ask yourself ‘how can I create space to have a moment of stillness/peace/rest/recovery here? How can I recharge myself?’

Here are some self care ideas that you may consider trying out for yourself:


Get the thoughts out of your head to stop them whirring around. Once your thoughts and ideas are down onto paper you give yourself the mental capacity to actually deal with them, and come back to your day being able to focus on the tasks at hand. If you are new to journaling or not really sure how to utilise its power you can CLICK HERE and check out my ‘Beginners Guide To Journaling’ Workshop. Its the perfect starting place if you have dabbled with journaling but just don’t really feel like you know what you are doing.

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Meditation is not just about a spiritual connection, though it certainly can be if you want it to. But for those that don’t resonate with spirituality, it’s also worth noting that there is a lot of science that backs up the benefits of a meditation practice for wellbeing. Meditation allows your body and your brain to slow down, it encourages you to come back to the breath and tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, your rest and restore system.

If you don’t know where to start there are a ton of free apps and youtube video’s to help guide you and get you started. HERE is a really simple counting breaths meditation is a wonderful practice when you are just getting started

Or also check out this interview I did to learn more about the benefits of meditation and how it can help you to stop to take a breath so you can, therefore, sustain your periods of push CLICK HERE to watch this free training.

Take A Walk In Nature

I know this get’s bounded out a lot but we all know how good we feel when we have been out in nature. The sounds of the forest, the birds tweeting, the sun gaping through the branches of the trees all seem to bring everything into the here and now and give us a sense of ease and reassurance. I know for those in the UK, the British weather can leave a lot to be desired but looking at more ways that you can connect with nature, even if it’s just in having more plants and flowers in the house or at the office. Though I have to say a walk in the rain is also incredibly cleansing. The Japanese didn’t come up with forest bathing for no reason. Don’t know what forest bathing is?? Go google it and learn more about the healing powers of nature and it may just inspire you to get out and harness it that bit more.

Always grateful for my dogs as they mean I HAVE to get out every day and walk.

Create Your Boundaries

Create boundaries with work, with your time, with people needing from you. These become your new standards, your non-negotiables. I know it can be really hard to do, especially when people are relying on you. But get clear on what your boundaries are, but then make sure you also communicate those boundaries to the people around you. How can you expect people to respect your boundaries if they do not even know what they are?

It could be telling work or your clients that you will not be available after a certain time. For those any entrepreneurs like me, it’s about setting your own work hours and sticking with them, turning off your phone. Get clear what you are and are not available for.

Any moments of stillness

Just practising being still and doing nothing, and no that doesn’t mean scrolling social media, which in itself can be adding to your feelings of stress, overwhelm and the feelings of not being enough. I really struggle with this one and often can only sit still long enough until I get a moment of inspiration BUT one thing I did note during lockdown was that just sitting in my garden and looking out at the trees was incredibly soothing.

One of our past Shine Squad members used to schedule in 15 minutes of nothing into her day and I loved this idea of intentional nothingness to remind herself to be still and slow down and just be with her thoughts and feelings.

The Wim Hoff Method

This is a breathing technique and cold therapy method created by a Dutch extreme athlete who is famous for being able to withstand very cold temperatures and so aptly known as the ice man. The method has shown to improve physical and mental health by increasing energy, improving the immune system, reducing inflammation within the body, better sleep and quicker recovery from exercise.

Giving you the benefit of helping the body and the brain to recover more effectively. I particularly like to do this method in the shower after a workout. Though I have to admit it’s a lot easier to practice in the summer when it’s warm outside, I can’t say I practice it as often in the winter brrrrrr. You can find out more HERE (this is no affiliation I just really like him and his methodology)

Reduce Your To-Do List

When using the Get Your Sh*t Together Life planner we use a list format on the Daily focus sheet BUT I urge you to make this daily focus sheet (your to do list for the day) as short as possible (CLICK HERE for your free downloadable copy if you don’t have one already). In fact the shorter the better. Focus in on the things that will move you towards your goal the most, then leave it at that. Get out of the habit of unnecessarily filling up your time. On the days my list is long, I feel stress overwhelmed and usually lead into procrastination and emotional eating. On the days when my list is short, I bust it out, feel awesome and then allow myself that much needed downtime.

We seem to somewhere have lost our ability to be still, to do nothing to truly relax and allow ourselves to be restored.

And yet it’s when you feel replenished, rested, you have your moments of being more productive, having greater ideas of inspiration, you actually have the ability to get more done and just feel more ‘on form’.

This list is not exhaustive, but these are my personal go to’s. I encourage you to take the time to consider what really works for YOU to feel rested and rejuvenated. Make a list of these things you feel drawn to and consider where you can add them into your day/week.

Look at how you can add rest and recovery into your days to enhance your ability to get more done, with far less stress and make the pursuit of reaching your goals and dreams. Turn it into a pursuit that actually brings you more joy and happiness rather than sinking into your never-ending sea of stress and overwhelm.

This is an area we are going to be delving deeper into as we move into our new guest expert training over in the Shine Squad.

Melanie Aitkinson is our latest guest expert and she will be introducing Shine Squad members to Theta healing and using this technique to achieve a deep meditative state. Reprogramming your mind to get out of your own way, overcoming limitations and beliefs to induce more efficient rest and recovery so you can continue being more badass at everything else you are doing in your quest to improve your life and reach more of your life goals.

CLICK HERE to join us now in the Shine Squad as you can get started with setting goals from soul work, cultivating your action plan before we step into the new Theta Healing training.

Learn how you can work on achieving more when you are also more effective in utilising your rest and deepening your connection with your inner power and awesomeness.

I’m so excited for this amazing and life-changing training and can’t wait for you to join us. CLICK HERE now to join the Shine Squad, or hit reply if you have any questions you need answering first.

Love Always


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