Flip The Switch On Your Inner B!tch

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Jun 18

Flip The Switch On Your Inner B!tch

The start of this year has been so incredibly different than any other year you may have experienced in your life, though I feel that could be the understatement of the year.

We have all been forced to go within a little more, to slow down, to stop and reflect. To center ourselves in what we believe in, to learn to go a little deeper with connecting who we are and what our values have been based around.

So as we are fast approaching the ½ way point in 2020, I know many people will be wishing for it to be over so that they can start again in 2021, and I get that I really do.

Yet I also know you will be doing yourself and the people that count on you, a disservice to spend the rest of the year coasting along, or even worse writing it off completely.

When you stepped out into the start of this year, your mind and your heart was filled with all of the hopes, dreams and aspirations for all of the things that you wanted to accomplish this year.

Remember that moment when you had that empowering feeling that NOW is your time to make this shizzle happen.

And there is still chance, there is always chance and opportunity. It comes in each and every day that you continue to get up and ask yourself:

How would my best self be showing up today??

Every day you have the opportunity to flip the switch of your internal narrative.

The narrative that can often limit and block you. 

The one that says: I’m ok as I am, who am I to want more, I’m not capable, good enough, confident enough, I don’t know enough, I don’t have enough time for, I’m not organised enough for, it’s too hard, I can’t because……

Ask yourself today

What is the current thought that is limiting me from having those goals and dreams that I set out for at the beginning of the year?

We all have that inner critic that loves to point out our weaknesses and flaws and sure she will be really convincing at times, BUT you have to question that b!tch otherwise you start to believe that she is right.

This is what we are working on this week within the Shine Squad. To question that inner critic, to prove that B!tch wrong.

Imagine if you really continued to go all-in with your dreams and goals this year?

Imagine if you no longer had to listen to that inner b!tch who is constantly in your ear and instead you showed her just who the f*ck you are

To know that success is the ONLY option for you, and just because you have decided so.

To have the unwavering belief and knowing in yourself

Because I for one believe in you, the fact that you are even reading this blog shows me that you know you are made and destine for more

And now is the time to flip that switch, to challenge the narrative in your head and to translate that into ACTION as we move towards the second half, the BETTER half of 2020, because my dear, it is far from over yet, and there is still work to be done here.

Are you with us??

CLICK HERE now to continue this work on a deeper level with us inside of the Shine Squad. To work on your limiting beliefs and to bust through them.

We will also be gearing up for our ½ yearly review. A deeper look into what still gets to be achieved this year and for July as we step into our Month Of Momentum, this work is ONLY available exclusively for Shine Squad members.

I’ll be sharing more about this soon and for all that is continuing within the Shine Squad membership, and I want YOU to be there.

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I can’t wait to be your support, your guide the light and the love when you need it the most.

Love Always 


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