Is It Time You Started Believing In Yourself?

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Jun 04

Is It Time You Started Believing In Yourself?

I believe that the relationship you have with yourself is what really feeds into every other aspect of your life, and especially your motivation and resilience.

The cold hard truth is that you are not always going to feel motivated. There are going to be times when it all feels a little bit too much and you want to back off, ease off, to give up.

I get it, I have those days too, and yet I know that doing the deeper work to continue to ground into knowing yourself, remembering your worth, your value, believing in yourself no matter what is going on in the outside world. 

This is what will keep you feeling stable, it’s what will support you in getting back up time and time again, to continue to keep on putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how small those steps may be, no matter how many times you get knocked back or when the doubt creeps back in.

It’s your ability to keep on getting back up again that will determine whether you actually ever reach those goals of your v’s staying where you are right now.

The feeling of never being ‘enough’ can lead us into a life of suffering, feeling as though we never really measure up.

This actually feels incredibly close to my heart as someone who grew up with low self-worth. And not because I had terrible experiences in my upbringing, I feel privileged to have never actually been dealt any ‘real’ trauma, and yet low self-worth something that plagued me.

Partly because of my natural tendency to be an introvert, I resonate with being shy, wanting to just sink into the background, not really making a fuss, and yet I had this constant feeling as a result of this that I never was enough. 

This is the way in which society shapes us, to show that it’s the extroverts out there who are seen as ‘winning’ at life.

I desperately wanted to be liked, accepted and wanted by others

Not the smartest, not the most confident, not the prettiest, never ‘the best’ of anything, I am just your average Jane.

Yet, it’s only when I discovered my real self worth had nothing to do with anyone else, what I looked like, what my body looked like, what I achieved, my ability or intelligence and EVERYTHING to do with my own opinion of me.

This work led me to feeling my beautiful badass self, and that I actually didn’t have to change anything on the outside, only the thought narrative that was ongoing in my own mind.

 It was a shift in perception, it happened on the inside that allowed the transformation and healing of old feelings, limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns and resulted in a feeling of happiness, confidence and content like never before.

It’s this deeper inner work that I am sharing in this month’s Shine Squad.

You confidence comes from knowing who the f*ck you are. What you stand for, your values, beliefs and good intentions are. Because when you ground yourself in this knowledge, no one else’s opinions, rejection or behavior can rock you.

You too are a beautiful badass, just as you are and it’s time you realised that deep within your heart and soul.

Once you do, THAT is when you will really begin to soar.

I’m sooooo freaking hyped (aren’t I always lol) to dive into this with my Shine Squad team this month, and I want to continue to invite you to come and be a part of it.

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Consider how different your life would be if you truly believed in your beautiful badass self

I’ll see you on the other side.

Love Always


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