Find Your Focus & Redefine The Dream

By Emma Colsey | Uncategorized

Jun 02

Find Your Focus & Redefine The Dream

Welcome to the first part in the 3 day Rise Up & shine challenge. I was feeling massively pulled to running this challenge right now as we are in very unusual territory. We have all be faced by this global pandemic and it has been somewhat of a kick in the gut for so many of us.

We have been rocked to the core and left questioning so much. Where many have lost their jobs, or have been put on furlough we have gone from being full steam ahead into a space of limbo, the inability to feel like we are moving or going anywhere.

But I really see this just like any other challenge we may face in life. It’s never about not ever facing challenges, but your success really comes from the speed at which you get back up.

Check out part 1 below

If you don’t already have access to the dream life map, you can get that HERE along with all of the other resources that are included with this challenge.

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